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publishing road map

Your Guide to Reading, Writing, and Publishing Young Adult Literature
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publishing road map Writing Sequels Inspiration for Writers Motivation for Writers Time Management for Writers Writing Process and Tools Beating Writer's Block Archetypes, Tropes, and Cliches Revising Your Novel Setting and World Building Creating Characters and Dialogue Critique Groups and Beta Reading Theme Voice and Tone Story Structure Plot Word Choice Sentence Structure Verb Tense Grammar Point of View Punctuation General Writing Resources All About YA Genre Word Count Going on Submission to Publishers How Book Deals Work General Publishing Resources Trends Writing Careers How Authors Get Paid Intro to Publishing All About Agents Query FAQ All About Querying Conferences and Industry Events Marketing Careers in Publishing Social Media Dealing with Jealousy Indie Publishers Authors and Reviews Finding Books to Review How to Write Book Reviews Book Piracy Self-Publishing Blogging and Ethics Promotions, Partnerships, and Marketing for Book Blogs Beginner's Guide to Book Blogging Book Covers Libraries E-books Resources for Friends and Family of Writers Book Clubs Diversity in YA Censorship Edgy YA
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Special thanks to Pam HarrisKara TaylorAva JaePaige ChristensonBookshelvers AnonymousSandi JonesLynn(e) SchmidtLeonicka ValciusStephanie AllenKirsten HubbardAmy LukavicsStephanie Kuehn, and especially Kelly JensenTracey Neithercott, and Sarah Enni for their help in gathering resources.

Writer's Realm

YA Wharf -- All about Young Adult literature
Resource Rock -- General writing resources
Genre Coast -- What am I actually writing?
Word Count Cove -- How long should my book be? 

Writing Basics:

Writing Concepts:

After the First Draft:

Writer's Life:
Industry Island

Port of Publishing -- General publishing resources
Publishing Prairie -- An introduction to how traditional publishing works
Editorial Empire -- Careers in publishing

Getting Published:

Writing Careers:

Reader Region

Book Club Cruise -- Finding bookish friends
Book Covers -- How they're made, blogs about, controversy
E-book Estates -- Choosing an e-reader, their role in industry
Fort Friends and Family -- How to support your favorite writers
Libraries -- Importance of, careers in

Book Blogger Beach:

Hot Topic Tropics:

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