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Cover Reveal: RACE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA by Lindsay Eagar!

Today we have the honor of revealing the cover for Lindsay Eagar's next book, RACE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA, coming this year from Candlewick! Here's a little about the book:

Can a clever girl inventor uncover a ruthless pirate’s heart of gold? Thrilling sea adventure takes on a hint of steampunk in the second book by the author of the acclaimed Hour of the Bees.

When her parents, the great marine scientists Dr. and Dr. Quail, are killed in a tragic accident, eleven-year-old Fidelia Quail is racked by grief. But Fidelia is forced out of her mourning when she’s kidnapped by Merrick the Monstrous, a pirate whose list of treasons stretches longer than a ribbon eel. Her task? Use her marine know-how to retrieve his treasure, lost on the ocean floor. But as Fidelia and the pirates close in on the prize, with the navy hot on their heels, she learns that Merrick doesn’t expect to live long enough to enjoy his loot. Could something other than black-hearted greed be driving him? Will Fidelia be able to master the perils of the ocean without her parents — and piece together the mystery of Merrick the Monstrous before it’s too late?

Here are Lindsay's thoughts on the cover:
In so many ways, a book’s cover is a promise.

It’s a chance for potential readers to peek through the window of the book. A chance to steal a taste of what the pages inside hold.

Don’t judge a book by its cover, many of us say—but I am begging you to please take a gander at this beauty and judge away.

What is this cover promising?

It promises adventure. A pirate ship boldly sailing atop a sea of deepest blue, a chest of sunken treasure, a diver strolling across the ocean floor.

It promises a celebration of marine life. A veritable orchestra of fish and shells and plants, all of them swimming past the viewer as if we are merely spectators in an aquarium.

It promises science. The little notations beside each creature hint that whosoever reads this book will come away with a new appreciation for those humans who observe, poke, measure, theorize, study, and report to the rest of us the wonders of the world.

It promises sharks.

Other promises I see in the cover (since I, the author, am not window-shopping when I look at this cover; I am gazing into a mirror)—

I see a story of grieving. Of aching loss, and a long voyage from brokenhearted back to normal.

I see a forbidden romance, secrets hidden in tide pools. I see mystery, and vengeance, and the cruelty of regret.

I see candy. (Really.)

I see the five years I worked on this book, the six title changes, the half a million wrong words that I had to write in order to find the correct ones.

I see all the characters and subplots that were cut (enough to fill a graveyard) and I see the hair and sweat and tears I shed while trying to get this damned book right.

I see ten-year-old Lindsay, big-hearted and shark-obsessed, itching to find a book like this on the shelves.

If you read this book in the fall, when it releases, you can see for yourself just how perfect this cover (designed by the wonderfully talented Matt Roeser) really is—a cover of delivered promises.





Lindsay Eagar is the author of the novel Hour of the Bees. She lives in the mountains of Utah with her husband and daughters.

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