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Cover Reveal: WHAT GIRLS ARE MADE OF by Elana K. Arnold

Today we are so excited to reveal the cover of Elana K. Arnold's upcoming WHAT GIRLS ARE MADE OF (Carolrhoda Lab, April 2017). If you're not familiar with Elana's work, you should be. Her writing is fearless and feminist and utterly, utterly honest.

Here's what Elana had to say about the origins of WHAT GIRLS ARE MADE OF, as well as its beautiful cover:

WHAT GIRLS ARE MADE OF began for me with a trip to see The Ecstasy of Saint Teresa in Rome.

It was complicated by my research of Anatomical Venuses, medical/erotic wax sculptures of women.

It was entangled with my growing fascination with martyr’s relics—skeletons of saints, layered over with wax and wigs.

It was informed by ruminations on lust, and violence, and power, and jealousy.

The manuscript grew like a tumor, like an owl pellet made of hair and bones and dreams.

When sex and death, shame and pleasure, innocence and experience are wound up so tight that they become matted together, how can we pick apart the strands to see where the story begins and where it ends?

These are the concepts and the images that became the skeleton of WHAT GIRLS ARE MADE OF, the guts and gore beneath its pretty face.

Raw, compelling, and unflinching, Elana K. Arnold’s newest novel explores the darkest crevices of femaleness.

WHAT GIRLS ARE MADE OF is available for pre-order at:


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Photo Credits: Nina Aldin Thune (Ecstasy of St. Teresa); Collections and History of Medicine, MedUni, Vienna (Anatomical Venus); Elizabeth Harper (St. Victoria)
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