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Cover Reveal: SPEAK OF ME AS I AM by Sonia Belasco

Happy Tuesday! We're so excited to share the gorgeous, evocative cover of Sonia Belasco's debut YA Novel, SPEAK OF ME AS I AM. It'll be published by Philomel/Penguin Random House in Spring 2017.

Damon and Melanie know something about what it means to lose those you love. Months after his best friend Carlos's death, Damon tries to see the world through the viewfinder of his camera, hoping to understand what Carlos saw – or perhaps what he didn’t. With her artist mother gone, Melanie picks up a paintbrush to feel her nearby, but the set pieces she paints are filled with empty spaces.

When fate conspires to bring them together, Melanie and Damon quickly become each other's anchors. But as their friendship deepens into romance, things get complicated fast. They find that they can’t ignore the past forever – especially when working on a school production of Othello triggers memories they both wish they could leave behind.

And now, the cover of SPEAK OF ME AS I AM!

Isn't it a stunner? Seriously, this is one of my favorite covers of the year.

Sonia's thoughts on the cover:
"In my book, Melanie and Damon explore their grief through different forms of art -- painting and photography -- and so it's really cool that both of those elements are captured in the cover. One of the themes of the book is also how we see each other, that combination of what's on the surface and what we hide, and I think that's nicely reflected in the image of the girl with her face covered by the flower. There's a haunted, mysterious and yet beautiful vibe to the whole thing that I like a lot, and I hope other people like it too!"

About Sonia:

 SONIA BELASCO has spent much of her professional life working with teenagers as a mentor, tutor and therapist, and she is often inspired by their passion, creativity and strength. She will watch almost any TV show about high school and has seen every contemporary movie that involves dance battles or superheroes. She is a native of Washington, D.C. and currently lives in Philadelphia, PA, where she is trying to acquire a taste for cheesesteak.

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