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The Driver's Seat: April 6, 2016

Get behind the wheel with this week's writing inspiration!


dark haired woman with red flowers in her hair two men setting off blue and red smoke bombs beside a long canoe on the beach

first lines

Today I received the best compliment ever.

Today I received the worst insult ever.


the top of a parisian style apartment building night time view of a river through a city

points of view

a mason jar

someone trying to change their name


white-painted palm tree against a blue sky humanoid robot face with half its skin peeled off

true story

"The words 'Per audacia ad ignotum' drawn in the snow in the absolute middle of nowhere, yet no footprints around them. The words were probably a few hours old. The closest translation we could find was 'through audacity towards the unknown.'"
25 Hikers And Backpackers Reveal The Creepiest, Scariest Things They’ve Found In The Wild


Thanks to Katherine Locke for the suggestion!

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photo credits: Aleksandar Popovski, Razvan Narcis Ticu, Hernan Lucio, Pierre Bouillot, Sarah Enni, and Stephanie Kuehn

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