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The Driver's Seat: Inspiration for March 2, 2016

Get behind the wheel with this week's writing inspiration!


starlight sign in cursive against a cityscape and pastel sky long walkway outlined in black at bottom and orange at top

first lines

I didn't expect God to answer my very first prayer.

My sign was the biggest and the prettiest...except for the horrible typo.


young black man in sunglasses rolls up sleeves of his red flannel young brown-skinned woman in red dress, black belt, and white shoes releases red and white balloons

points of view

a deer stand or duck blind

an SAT grader


silhouette of hot air balloon over two pointy mountains blue, light orange, and dark orange tiles set on the diagonal

true story

From Wikipedia:
"Gloria Ramirez was a Riverside, California, woman dubbed "the toxic lady" by the media when several Riverside General Hospital workers became ill after exposure to her body and blood."
Analysis of a Toxic Death at Discover


Thanks to Mary C Dunbar for the above recommendation!

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photo credits: Ryan McGuire, Freddie Marriage, Julian Alexander, Cezanne Ali, Emre Ergen, and Zbysiu Robak

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