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The Driver's Seat: Writing Inspiration for Dec 23, 2015

Get behind the wheel with this week's writing inspiration!


 young black man in a brown hat and white shirt slumps over the steering wheel of an antique pickup truck

first lines

They thought the children were in bed.

Something is wrong with my mouth.


long exposure of rocks with circle of stars behind  lone white lifeguard stand on wet beach with dark sky and storm clouds behind

points of view

a mall employee

a wrapped gift


white, silver, and gold holiday wrapping bows wrinkled piece of paper with "never" typed on it, on a wooden table

true story

"In 1986, La Mancha Negra first appeared as a smudge 50 yards long, it was noticed by workers as they patched the 30-year-old asphalt on a highway between Caracas and its airport. Initially, concerns for the blob were low but soon it spread. ... Despite its gummy texture, the blob rendered the roadway extraordinarily unsafe, causing vehicles to crash into one another or run off the road. In 1991, a group of experts consulted President Carlos Andrés Pérez about the problem but could not pinpoint the cause of the substance. 1,800 deaths were then attributed to La Mancha Negra in the five years before 1992.


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photo credits: Leo Rivas-Micoud, Lechon Kirb, Ana Anikina, Will Langenberg, Kristin Halbrook, Stephanie Kuehn

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