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The Driver's Seat: Writing Inspiration for Nov 25, 2015

Get behind the wheel with this week's writing inspiration!


man wearing headlamp, looking out over lake on a starry night, with a tent on the shore lit from within young woman with dark hair in side buns, in profile

first lines

After the otter incident was resolved, I turned to my next challenge.

They were my shoes. The problem was that they weren't my feet.


soccer field at night bicyclist passing brick building with five garage doors, four panels each, all bright orange

points of view

grandparents reading Twitter

your wallet


rows of blue lightbulbs hang from a high white ceiling in front of open windows horse baring teeth over the back of another horse, with clouds and blue sky background

true story

"There were justifiable fears of being buried alive, before modern medicine could safely identify the difference between certain types of paralysis or coma and being dead. ... As a result a bizarre range of contraptions were invented to signal having been buried alive, from bells, whistles and even a spring loaded ejector coffin which might actually kill other people from the shock of seeing an interred body spring out of the ground in a cemetery."
Twelve safety coffins from the 1800s


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photo credits: Milada Vigerova, Bhoj Raj, Abigail Keenan, Samuel Zeller, Kim Greenhalgh, Mikael Kristenson

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