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Horror-flections: Women Horror Authors

If we're looking to lift up women horror authors, I think we should probably start by admitting that they exist in large numbers. And while there isn't as much mainstream emphasis on them as one may hope, horror is not alone in that problem by any stretch of the imagination.

I feel like the intent behind something like Women in Horror Month (February) is noble, but I also believe that we don't need to treat the genre like it's so deprived of stories written by women that it warrants an assigned month dedicated to giving a special few their 'time,' mostly in the form of reading recommendation lists. In some ways, getting especially passionate about women writers only during that month limits the total exposure given throughout the year.

 The time of women horror writers has always been upon us, in fact, many would stand by the claim that they took a significant part in inventing the genre to begin with. You simply have to seek them out. If you're a horror reader, check out your shelf and see what percentage of the authors in your collection are female. If that percentage is low, find and support more female authors by adding their works to your shelves.

Something important to note: this isn't about reading horror fiction by women just because they're women—it's about living and practicing the fact that the quality of the content is just as good (or not-so-good) as their counterparts that were written by males. To continuously insist that either gender writes better stories only slows the process of progression in the evolution of our culture.
Amy Lukavics

Amy lurks within the forested mountains of Arizona. When she isn't reading or writing creepy stories, she enjoys cooking, crafting, and playing games across many platforms. She is the author of Daughters Unto Devils (Harlequin Teen 2015) and The Women In The Walls (Harlequin Teen 2016).

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  1. EL James, JK Rowling, Stephanie Meyer, Nora Roberts, Meg Cabot.


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