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Field Trip Friday September 18, 2015


- "If you’re a writer or artist or creative person and your work is an arbitrary means to an end, you will not bring enough raw magic to your work to stand out from the crowd. ... But look, the whole idea of 'breaking through' is such a crock of shit. If you do nothing else, build a religion around this one fact." Dear Polly gives some incredible tough love to a writer wondering "What's it all for?"

- Alexander Chee wrote a thoughtful piece about author Elana Ferrante's decision to disengage entirely from promotion for any of her published works. Is it a throw-back? A feminist stance? Even possible for authors nowadays?

- Bill Konigsberg is on a Trevor Project Awareness Tour, but when he showed up for a school visit in Houston was told to avoid discussing LGBT issues. He did it anyway.

- At Victoria Schwab's blog, 18 authors share a day in their lives. There's a healthy blend of bourbon and tea.

- Debut author Mackenzi Lee talks about Mary Shelley, traveling and writing, and how she kind of had an 1800s adolescence in this week's First Draft podcast.

- Author Christa Desir is calling shenanigans on the feeling that one MUST publish a book a year, or else disappear off the face of the planet.


- "In the publishing world, they don’t say, 'We just don’t want your story.' They say, 'We’re not sure you’re relatable' and 'You don’t want to exclude anyone with your work.' They say, 'We’re not sure who your audience is.'" Author Mira Jacob wrote a wonderful piece of about diversity in publishing, "I Gave a Speech About Race to the Publishing Industry and No One Heard Me."

- Interesting stuff from the second annual Nielsen Children's Book Summit: From January 2014 to September 2015, children's book sales are up 12.5 percent in the U.S., and 11 of the 20 top-selling books are children's books.

- This week's Badass Lady You Should Know is the YA book buyer for the Scholastic Reading Clubs (and cross-stitcher extraordinaire!), Preeti Chhibber!

- Children's author and illustrator Cornelia Funke is starting her own publishing house, Breathing Books.


- Questions your local librarian will not be answering for you, from the lovely Toast

- Nerd guys and the "pandering" response to diversity

- A real smart kid in Texas made a clock and his teacher had him arrested. Oh, and guess what, the kid's name is Ahmed Mohamed.


- There were some great responses to the horrifying Vanity Fair cover spread featuring the lily-white, male faces of late night talk shows, but this one's our fav:

- How To Age Gracefully:

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