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Field Trip Friday: August 7, 2015

Hey, it's Friday!

The Week In Writing

Author Zoë Marriott breaks down the psychology behind literary tropes while encouraging writers to examine their own unconscious biases in order to challenge the status quo.

At NPR, Louis Sachar discusses writing scary stories for younger readers and whether readers have changed over the last forty years.

A fabulous interview with Matt de la Peña in which he discusses the literary/commercial divide, "quiet" books, race, class, and music. 

Author Emma Pass discusses finding inspiration in the news. 

Does author gender make a difference while querying? Catherine Nichols reports what happened when she sent her novel out under a male name. 

Ta-Nahisi Coates on writing, stress, failure and breakthroughs. 

The Week In Reading

Members of the romance community (and others) having been speaking out against the dual RITA-award nomination for Kate Breslin's For Such a Time, a novel that features a relationship between a concentration camp prisoner and a Nazi officer. Please read both Jennifer Anne's and Sarah Wendell's letters to the RWA board, as well as author Katherine Locke's important response to the book, its reception, and community apathy toward anti-Semitism.

This is awesome: the Sacramento Public Library has come up with a display that gives teens the information they need to find books on important, but potentially sensitive, topics. 

Leila Roy at Book Riot has put together a primer on censorship.

The Week In Other Stuff

Ebony's put together a list of eight companies that are dedicated to breaking down the digital divide and encouraging diversity in technology. 

There's now a national guide to help schools support transgender children and foster safe environments.

A great read: Mindy Kaling on confidence.

The Week In Random

Weekends are for binkies. Have a good one all!

Stephanie Kuehn

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  1. Excellent interview of Matt de la Peña! Thanks for the links.

  2. Oh, my God. Pandora is playing "Whoomp There It Is" and the bunny above is hopping in PERFECT timing with the song. It's rather surreal; I can't stop watching. I'd take a video to share, but I'd have to use my phone and that would pause the music streaming, thus defeating the purpose. (This comment brought to you by the complete randomness that is my Pandora station.)


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