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Field Trip Friday: July 3, 2015


Hello friends. It's a holiday weekend and I'm STILL recovering from the awesomeness that was this year's ALA conference, so we're keeping this short and sweet today.

Speaking of's a great roundup of photos from the weekend. And if you haven't read Dan Santat's Caldecott acceptance speech, it's a beauty.

Amazon, Amazon, Amazon. There was a lot of Amazon talk this week. I haven't delved deeply into any of it, but apparently Amazon knows who your friends don't go writing reviews for them. They also know how much of your ebooks you've read, and plan to pay authors in their KDP subscription program accordingly. There will also be a forthcoming shift in the way Amazon reviews are weighted.

Frustrated about not being able to express your excitement!!!!! in the middle of a sentence? Here's a new punctuation mark for you.

Some nifty book-themed lockers, which are much cooler than the beige ones I remember.

Maria of Sesame Street is saying goodbye after 44 years.

We always think we're right, don't we? Here's your reminder to always, always consider the possibility that you just might be wrong.

The Girl Scouts are awesome.

Kingsley the Sun may not be the weirdest mascot ever (that's Speedy, the Evergreen Geoduck), but he's up there.

WHAT WERE THEY THINKING??? Horror struck this week when the NY Times suggested peas in the guacamole.

The best ever: Stephen Colbert interviewing Eminem on cable access television.

Sir Nicholas Winton died this week at the age of 106. He is remembered for rescuing 669 children from the Holocaust.

Happy Fourth!
Stephanie Kuehn

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