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DELICATE MONSTERS (and YA Highway Monsters)!

Today marks the release of award-winning YA Highwayer Stephanie Kuehn's third book for teens, DELICATE MONSTERS!

In a starred review, Booklist calls it "Intelligent, compulsively readable literary fiction with a dark twist" while Publishers Weekly says "Kuehn (Complicit) once again proves herself a talented writer in a tough, punishing novel about the damages we inflict on others and the shaky defenses we build to mask trauma and guilt" in another starred review.

DELICATE MONSTERS is a compelling, ultra-dark novel that'll stick in your bones. We can't wait for you to read it.

To celebrate the release of DELICATE MONSTERS, we shared our interpretation of "monster" -- from our childhood fears to our present-day demons.

 Kate Hart
 when i was a kid i had a recurring black and white nightmare in which I shot a water gun and Frankenstein came out and burned down the city. (except it was Tulsa, not San Fran.)

Amy Lukavics

Sarah Enni

Emilia Plater
They're callous. They're unyielding. They don't care whether you want to get trapped in their jaws or not. They are... early mornings!!

Kirsten Hubbard
As a kid, I was always afraid I'd look out my window one night and see a pair of eyes looking back at me. My bedroom was on the second story.

Kristin Otts
1. The coat rack in my sister's bedroom, which looks like it had a spooky smiling face in dim light.
2. Oompa loompas
3. The underworld in Disney's Hercules. (No but seriously that was a kid's movie what is wrong with those animators did they not understand how TERRIFYING that scene is??)

 Debra Driza

Veronica Roth
childhood fear: basement monster!

Leila Austin 
This is a lurking Washmonster (also known as The Great Unfolded). It lives exclusively off human souls.

 Kaitlin Ward
I drew my scariest childhood monster - the mean rooster.

Kristin Halbrook
 Here's my other favorite Delicate Monster. :)

Kirsten Hubbard

Kirsten is the author of Like Mandarin, Wanderlove, and the middle grade novel Watch the Sky.

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  1. This book sounds disturbingly, twisted and awesome! *adds to Goodreads*

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