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Field Trip Friday: April 17, 2015


- Corrine Duyvis interviewed Anne Ursu about her middle grade, THE REAL BOY, and discussed writing an autistic lead.

- Series, or stand alone? Author Alex J. Cavanuagh weighs the pros and cons.

- Hear author Erin Bowman talk about pushing through to The End in her First Draft interview!


- The hashtag #ToTheGirls -- created by the amazing Courtney Summers in support of her new release, ALL THE RAGE -- took the hell off, filling the Internet with encouraging words for teen girls (and all girls). It trended worldwide, and was covered by the New York Timesthe Today show, and Sofia Vergara (!!!!). Congrats to Courtney!!

- Publisher's Weekly created a great photo roundup of last week's AWP conference in Minneapolis! Check out Highwayer Stephanie Keuhn!

- The YALLFest crew expanded to Santa Monica, California for the first annual YALLWest! A few of the YA Highway members were there, and much fun was had! They announced the keynote speakers and dates for next fall's YALLFest (Nov. 13-14, 2015)! Awesomely, entertainment trade site SSN made a list of 8 titles from YALLFest that are begging to be made into movies.

- Kelley at Oh The Books reprises her incredible series: Book Covers Through the Eyes of a Synesthete.

- The ladies of Stacked share how they keep up with new YA releases! There's tons of great links, but you may want to break out a paper and pencil, too.

- Mallory Ortberg knows from books, and in all her many years of reading, she's collected what she's gleaned about heterosexual female desire. "[T]ruly lovable men have eyes hidden so deeply behind a cascade of floppy chestnut hair they are effectively blind."


- What do authors really think of their publishers? Check out this survey of what more than 800 traditionally-published authors think of the firms that published them. Results? If you're disappointed by your publisher's marketing skills and/or strategy, you are not alone: More than a quarter of respondents felt that their books "weren't really marketed at all."

- HarperCollins signed a deal with Amazon to sell its books.

- Tumblr's Rachel Fershleiser talks to the Los Angeles Times about books, nail art, and how Tumblr is connecting readers and authors. The Times calls Tumblr "an essential online literary ecosystem," and we 100% agree.

- The 2014 RT Winners were announced!

- Diversity panels at book conferences may not be achieving the desired goal, Justina Ireland says. "Diversity panels make conference organizers feel like they’re doing their part to further diversity, but all they really do is further ghettoize diverse authors and marginalized voices because the audience for those panels are the people who are ALREADY LISTENING. And that is the problem."


- Consider it a movement: Librarians and the rest of the world are calling for the singular 'they'!

- Do yourself a favor and read a health professor's live-tweet session from her son's abstinence-only health class. (It involves rolling a die, and paper babies.)

- Read the heartbreaking notes that third grade students wrote to their teacher when given the prompt, "What do you wish your teacher knew?" Honest admissions of loneliness and lack of support at home prompted the teacher to share.

- Six times Sesame Street made you laugh out loud with a book parody (Catching Fur!).


- Cheryl just needs to party like it's her birthday.

- Kate, Sarah, Deb and Kirsten were hanging out this week, and a few *truly* random videos came to mind. We'll share them with you all! 
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