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Field Trip Friday: March 22, 2015

Many, many apologies for being tardy in this Field Trip, Highwayers! Thanks so much to those of you who let us know you were missing it.


- Children's author Zetta Elliott discusses the discrimination and outright racism that first led her to self-publish her work and then exposed her to criticism about her choice. "The marginalization of writers of color is the result of very deliberate decisions made by gatekeepers within the children’s literature community—editors, agents, librarians, and reviewers," she writes. "These decisions place insurmountable barriers in the path of far too many talented writers of color."

- Shannon Hale's experience of--and viral blog post about--being asked to speak only to girls at school visits is covered by Julie Zellinger in Mic. Hale and fellow author Peggy Orenstein say that boys being held back from experiencing the stories of women is perpetuating sexism, and hurting the boys nearly as much as girls: "It's almost like boys grow up with the old culture but we've given girls a new culture to grow up with and we're expecting that to somehow integrate," Orenstein told Mic.

- The son of a poet, memoir writer Dikkon Eberhart saw growing up how stark the split can be between what the author intended with his or her work, and how readers interpret it.


- Negative or reductive portrayals of Native Americans in books, movies and other media can be nearly as damaging as no representation at all, writer Jessica McDonald says in a blog post. "There’s a danger when you don’t see yourself represented in your culture’s art; there’s an even greater danger when your onlyrepresentation is fraught with negative messaging and teaches you that you do not belong in this world. You’re a thing of the past, a ghost, a myth," she writes.


- The always-brilliant Sarah McCarry wrote a great piece getting at exactly what is important about the conversation of sexism surrounding Andrew Smith's comments to Vice magazine and the "kindness" campaign that followed: "Kindness," likewise, is posited as an easily defined commodity of exchange that somehow circulates independently of power relations within the community wherein it is traded: but whose kindness, exactly, are we talking about here? Who is afforded the benefit of this kindness, and for whom is “kindness” an unattainable luxury?"

- Artist Ronald Wimberly wrote about being asked by a comic book editor to specifically "lighten" the skin of a POC character -- after never hearing a peep when alternating the shade of She-Hulk's green skin.

- The creators of Emily's Books have started a Kickstarter! Subscribing now can help the site expand into the publishing realm, and in many other ways grow to become "bigger, better, and bookier!"


- #ToTheGirls is a campaign that will be held April 14, 2015. From organizer, YA author Courtney Summers: "On April 14th, 2015, take the opportunity to tell the girls you know—and the ones you don’t—that they are seen, heard and loved. Share advice. Be encouraging. Tell us about or thank the girls in your life who have made a difference in yours. Use the hashtag #ToTheGirls along with your personal message of support and encouragement across your social media platforms (Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram etc)."

- Actress and Kentucky basketball fan Ashley Judd was treated to a cavalcade of sexist and threatening tweets after she made a comment online about her team during the NCAA March Madness tournament this week. Wish that was more surprising.

- To raise awareness of gender pay inqeuality, one Utah high school held a bake sale and charged male students $1.00 per cookie, where women were only charged $0.77. Nothing makes equal pay more real than cookies!

- Going to a writing conference and looking to use Twitter there? Here are some tips! (Though we Highwayers have disagreed on whether manual retweeting is actually rude or not.)

- The campaign to get a woman on the U.S.'s $20 bill has gotten lots of attention, but Autostraddle reminds us of some badass ladies who have already been featured on money across the globe.

- Finally! More details on the Welcome to Night Vale novel!!

- Only 46% of mobile app games offer an identifiably female character for its players, according to a study by 6th grader Madeline Messer.


- NPR is asking listeners to nominate their favorite episodes of any podcast! We recommend eps from Black Girl Nerds, Clear Eyes Full Shelves, Minorities in Publishing, and First Draft podcasts!

- INSURGENT is out this week!! Go see it! (And speaking of First Draft, you can listen to Veronica Roth's interview here!)

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