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Field Trip Friday: March 13, 2015


We are saddened by the loss of prolific and very-much-loved author, Terry Pratchett. He passed this week after a battle with Alzheimer's Disease. A Just Giving page has been set up in his honor, donating to the Research Institute to the Care of Older People. He was, to many, a hero.


- Our girl Veronica Roth chats with the J Show about her inspirations and the differences between Divergent, the book, and Divergent, the movie.

- The YA-o-sphere was troubled when author Andrew Smith mentioned he didn't know how to write women. Tessa Gratton opens a conversation about sexism in YA. Civil and meaningful conversations continued in many spaces, public and private, despite efforts to shut it down and dismiss certain women's experiences, and we reiterate our position that personal attacks on authors or critics are never tolerated so knock that shit off.

- Keep an eye out for the new diverse YouTube channel, Writing in the Margins, spearheaded by dear pal Justina Ireland.


- gives us a list of Spring's Best Young Adult Novels, including poignant themes, unforgettable narrators, and stories that deserve to be heard.

- Author David Arnold replies to criticisms Dr. Debbie Reese presented about character and cultural authenticity as it relates to Native Americans, specifically the Cherokee Nation, in his book Mosquitoland.

- School Library Journal announces their 2015 Movers and Shakers: The People Shaping the Future of Libraries.The list includes friends of YA Highway, We Need Diverse Books. Congrats!

- The Perpetual Page-Turner makes a list of ten books with not-so-easy-to-like female characters. BRB, adding to my TBR pile.

- Our own Badass Lady of Badassitude continues her Badass Ladies You Should Know series by profiling dear friend and talented author, Courtney Summers, who dishes on her inspirations, her dedication to feminism, and the paths that got her to where she is now.

- Buzzfeed writer Kaye Toal finds the fat character she's been searching to see herself reflected by in Rainbow Rowell's Eleanor and Park.

- Judy Moody, Grace (for President) and ten more girls from empowering children's books that should be on every girl's (um, AND BOY'S) bookshelves.


- EpicReads shows us 18 goooorgeous YA book endpapers and basically I'm drooling. *wipes mouth*

- Literary agent Chris Parris-Brown discusses big advances, gatekeeping, and how he got his foot in the door, despite thinking agents were the ones actually publishing the books.

- Agent Suzie Townsend and author Nikki Lofton talk about what happens when you sign with an agent...but your book doesn't sell.

- Author Tim Ferriss gives some tips on how to deal with haters, starting with focusing on the people who DO get it, rather than the ones who don't.


- Join blogger Folami Morris to celebrate National Reading Month. You could win signed books or a Kindle!


- We applaud Oklahoma State University president, David Boren, for shutting down the SAE fraternity after a racist video featuring several of its members emerges. Two students were expelled from the university, and the fraternity organization pledged to look at its chapters nationwide to determine where else the song has been used or might have originated. Color me cynical.

- Oh noes, they're making a Ghostbusters for the wimmins! We all know that makes it a chick flick and not, I don't know, a universal story or anything like that (haha, don't be silly, women are complete mysteries!), so whew, thank goodness Sony's ALSO rebooting yet another male-only Ghostbusters for the whinybabies who can't deal with women doing things other than look booby-ish on their screen. We hope, at least, that all the love interests are male, as well.

- A study says...there are too many studies. They're leading to "attention decay." So, you know, relax a little. Go for a walk. Enjoy the spring blooms (they're going crazy here in Seattle). Connect more with your life, and less with talking points.


Get back to your reading!

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Kristin Halbrook is the author of the critically-acclaimed young adult novels Nobody But Us (HarperTeen, 2013) and Every Last Promise (HarperTeen, 2015). She likes many things.

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