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Field Trip Friday: January 9, 2015

Hi all! I'm delighted to bring you FTF every second week of the month. I hope 2015 has been good to you, so far. <3

~ Kristin H.


Our thoughts and sorrow go out to the cartoonists and staff killed at French satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo. We watch with heavy hearts as related events continue to unfold and wish for a peaceful resolution.


Need a crit partner to love/tear apart (lovingly) your manuscript? Maggie Stiefvater's 2015 Critique Partner Love Connection is now live, so go sign up!

Natasha Culp writes about unlikeable girls and how she's connected to them her whole life in a lovely piece focusing on the work of Megan Abbott and Courtney Summers.

"...believe me, perfectionism is Not Your Friend." Wise words from author Terri Windling.

Gather 3-5 of your best, most procrastinating writer pals and waste more time playing Writer, Get to Work!

Feeling defeated? Little writing monsters got you down? Banish your doubts with a listen to Die, Vampire, Die! (SLYT)(NSFW)

To celebrate her signing with Suzie Townsend and Danielle Barthel of New Leaf Literary, Caryn Caldwell presents an interview with her new agents and a chance for you to win a query critique from either Suzie or Danielle.

Can't figure out how to make your next character awesome? Try this D&D awesome character creator. Sure, it's for a game, but it's basically some kind of storytelling, too, right?


Multiple bestselling author, Nora Roberts, has two words for people who come into her spaces with their dissent: Bite me.

Congrats to Leila Sales, whose novel THIS SONG WILL SAVE YOUR LIFE was optioned for stage and screen!

23 words we need for book lovers, but that don't yet exist. #6...#9...#10...yes, please. Any suggestions?

Enter to win a NOVLBox, the care package for book lovers. The first one of 2015 is created by former YA Highwayer, Kody Keplinger.

Scholastic reports that 51% of kids are reading a book for fun. Delightful news!


We are sad about the passing of Chicana author Michele Serros at the age of 48, and of Arkansas poet Miller Williams, at the age of 84.

Publishing is the third most common project on Kickstarter, raising 22 million dollars last year.

A number of indie bookstores report that sales were up in 2014...with some even saying it was their best year ever. Hurrah!


"I told them, 'I'm scared my son is going to die, and I don't know what to do'." A tribute to Joseph Chernach, who died as a result of chronic traumatic encephalopathy, a degenerative brain disease, developed after years of playing football.

We're don't want to be sued, so we're not going to post the name of Kirby Delauter here; we're just going to leave this link and run.

What social media are teens using now? is a frequently asked question in the YA community. We could tell you, but they'll run if you come looking so....

The more selfies a man takes, the more elevated his levels of psychopathic tendencies.


I'm ordering one of these Intel spider-claw-ish personal space dresses (just as soon as I win the lottery). Said dress might be useful the next time a boa constrictor slithers out of toilet. O.O

JJ Howard's novel, TRACERS, pubbed this week, ahead of its release as a major motion picture starring YA actor (we can claim him forever, right?) Taylor Lautner.

Kristin Halbrook

Kristin Halbrook is the author of the critically-acclaimed young adult novels Nobody But Us (HarperTeen, 2013) and Every Last Promise (HarperTeen, 2015). She likes many things.

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  1. Wow! I was reading Field Trip Friday as I do EVERY Friday without fail, and what do I see but a link to my post! Thank you! What a delightful surprise!

    By the way, I am SO glad FTF is continuing. Even when I can't read all the links right away I save them to Pocket and read them when I have a chance. I think it's my greatest source of internet content.

    Have a wonderful weekend!


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