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Field Trip Friday: January 23, 2015


The big news this week is very sad news. On Wednesday, it was announced that the US division of Egmont would be shutting down at the end of this month after failing to find a buyer. This leaves many people out of jobs and many authors with books that have now been canceled. Our hearts go out to all who've been affected by this sudden and upsetting turn of events.


Congrats to our girl, Kristin, for her Kirkus starred review of her soon-to-be-pubbed novel, EVERY LAST PROMISE!

Hey, previously unpublished diverse authors of short stories! Enter the We Need Diverse Books short story contest for a chance have your story pubbed in an upcoming anthology with Crown Books for Young Readers.

How did J. K. Rowling keep track of every plot point in the Harry Potter series? This spreadsheet lays it all out.

Over at the Dystel and Goderich blog, agent Mike Hoogland breaks down what he likes to see in a query letter, and agent Jessica Papin shares a successful example from an actual client.


If, like me (Kristin H.), you've been reading this book over and over and over (and over) again lately, you'll appreciate The Ugly Volvo's assessment of the bedroom from GOODNIGHT, MOON.

The Crazy QuiltEdi blog has matched up some YA reads with quotes by Martin Luther King Jr. to help us learn to live the MLK way. (via Debbie Reese)

Over at School Library Journal, Karen Jensen and Ally Watkins have started a series examining the role of faith and spirituality in YA literature.

The Barnes and Noble Teen Blog suggests some YA titles to replace the non-YA titles that ended up on Time's 100 Best Young Adult Books list. 

Over at Book Riot, Kelly Jensen's got a fabulous list of upcoming feminist YA books being published this year.

Big Brother is watching And they know you didn't finish The Goldfinch.


Congratulations to all the Edgar Award finalists! Get your mystery on and start reading.

Would you pay $300,000 for a self-destructing book? Do you also kick puppies?

The National Book Critics Circle Award nominees have been announced, and Toni Morrison will receive the Ivan Sandrof Lifetime Achievement Award.


How do you social media? The New York Times shares their thoughts from their 2014 Twitter experiences. The takeaway? Stop trying so hard.

What's your poison fandom? Check out the most popular fandoms, week by week, on tumblr with these nifty, scientific charts from Tumblr Fandometrics.

The NewYorker says Serena Williams is America's Greatest Athlete. But, of course, some dipstick still had to ask her to "twirl" in her tennis skirt.

Shakespeare is old news, people. Now college students are signing up to study selfies, Seinfeld, Miley Cyrus, and that most meta of academic topics, "wasting time on the internet."


The Just Dance 2015 obsession is still going strong at my house, so here are two guys who've mastered the alternate version of What Does the Fox Say?

Happy Friday! 
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