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Field Trip Friday: October 3, 2014


- In the wake of last week's mess with Ed Champion, there were lots of interesting articles about criticism, gender, abuse, and their many intersections.

- Romance publisher Ellora's Cave is suing the Dear Author blog for defamation, which in turn has drawn more attention to accusations that the press is not paying its authors. Courtney Milan has offered to help any authors who fear speaking up due to confidentiality clauses.

Egmont Publishing is selling its US branch.

- Stephenie Meyer is using her clout to support the careers of aspiring female filmmakers, partnering with Facebook, Lionsgate, and a whole host of notable women for 5 short films in the Twilight universe. (I have to agree with E. C. Meyers -- one of them had better be FacePunch.)


- "The world is full of assholes. What are you doing to make sure you’re not one of them?" asks A. S. King.

- Mira Jacob reflects on the weirdness that is post-publication (via Emily Gould), and Roxane Gay has a lovely and heart-wrenching piece about the joys and pains of success.

- Christine Hepperman argues that "poor, misunderstood poetry" is great for kids.

- Is age 14 the no-man's land between MG and YA? Dianne K. Salerni discusses.

- Roger Sutton at the Horn Book has a (somewhat controversial) letter to self-published authors.

- The NYT reports that ARCs for an upcoming novel accidentally included the author's responses to copy edits, including "I'M NOT CHANGING THIS."

- Sarah McCarry talks to Kat Howard and Maria Dahvana Headley about monsters, love, co-writing, and kissing scenes.

- Why do academics stink at writing? (Maybe they should all join these Swedish scientists hiding Dylan lyrics in their work.)

- If you're a 2016 YA or MG debut, the Sweet Sixteens are now accepting applications!


- Important dialogue happening between Debbie Reese and author Neal Schusterman regarding Native representation in his short story Unstrung.

- Channy Leaneagh of Poliça talks Flannery O'Connor and naming her album for a feminist writer.

How well do you know your YA maps? Cool quiz from Epic Reads.

- Buzzfeed creates baseball-style cards for the National Book Foundation's 2015 5 Under 35 Honorees.

- Bustle rounds up October's best YA books.

- Stacked has a reading list for Hispanic Heritage Month and a genre guide to Gothic fiction.

- Everyone deserves their own Claudia Kishi, says Caroline Tung Richmond.

- Congrats to the Young Readers nominees for the first ever Kirkus Prize!

- The Toast has a new sister site, The Butter, and it will be helmed by Roxane Gay!!


- HarperCollins authors who sell directly through the publisher's website can earn an extra 10% on royalties.

- PW profiles YA-only imprints looking to make their mark.

- Preeti Singh couldn't get agent interest -- so she changed her name to Pat Smith and lo and behold... (via Daniel José Older)

- "Diversity in publishing matters (whether your like it or not)," says Wallace Yovetich at Book Riot.

- Jordan Hamessley London shares what it's like to be an editor married to an author.


- TWENTY FIVE copies of Courtney Summers's All the Rage are up for grabs at Goodreads!

- Tell me about your favorite badass ladies and enter to win one of three bitchin' books.


- California passes the first "Yes Means Yes" bill!

- Texas has ebola. Don't freak out.

- "Why can't we just let teenage girls enjoy their sexuality?" wonders Helen Lewis at The Guardian. (via Carrie Mesrobian)

- Hilary Beaumont looks at Halifax's horrifying refusal to address cyber stalking and assaults, even in the wake of the Rehtaeh Parsons case; Emmett Rensin claims trolling used to be "David and Goliath" where punches "went up, not down," not the "outright malice" it's become.

- Schools in Kentucky and North Carolina faced school shootings this week, and some a-hole phoned a bomb threat into Sandy Hook Elementary.

- Two Louisiana teachers were arrested for inappropriate sexual contact with a 16-year-old student.

- Amid all sorts of WTFery in Ferguson this week, now one of the grand jury is being investigated for misconduct and claims her Twitter account was hacked.

- A study shows teen pregnancy and abortion rates plummet with long-acting birth control. Related, the #NoTeenShame campaign is working to fight the stigmatization and unfair treatment of teen parents and their children. (via Erica Lorraine Scheidt)

- A lesbian couple is suing a sperm bank after accidentally ending up with a mixed-race daughter. Meanwhile in GOOD parenting, a Malaysian couple is each giving their child one eye so that the boy will be able to see.

- The maker of DC board games is apologizing to young girls and their parents.

- This guy is setting up coffee dates with all 1,088 of his Facebook friends. (via Peter Horton)


After originally being denied his request to use a cat picture as his yearbook photo, Schenectady high schooler Draven Rodriguez has been joined by principal Diane Wilkinson for an amazing shot that will help raise money for the ASPCA.

Lorde released a new song from the Mockingjay soundtrack!

Also, Worst Cats is the best.

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