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Field Trip Friday: October 10, 2014


- Cat Winters shares how she learned post-publication patience.

- The ever-wise Robin LaFevers explains how pre-writing can help you discover your characters' secrets.

- "Fear not the long sentence," says Roy Peter Clark.

- The YA Writers sub-Reddit takes on unlikable female characters.

- Midnight Breakfast collects advice, in comic form, for writing characters of color. (via Debbie Reese)

- 5 writing tips from Pulitzer winner Jane Smiley.

- Scientist Steven Pinker examines what makes writing "good." (via Lindsey Culli)

- "Dearest writer," Chuck Wendig says, "Nobody owes you shit."

- Carrie Mesrobian shares 13 ways to look at your book release.

- PW has recap of the NYPL's "Writing Native Lives" panel.

- The truth is that we're all just winging it, and nobody knows what the hell they're doing. (via Marisa Reichardt)

- Laurie Boyle Crompton reminds you to celebrate your writing milestones.

- Interested in race, ethnicity, and/or culture? Code Switch wants your pitches, and Buzzfeed + Columbia Journalism School are offering investigative reporting fellowships to journalists of color and other diverse backgrounds.

- The YA Buccaneers are hosting a writer care package gift exchange!


- "The author of a book on Nickelodeon is justifiably getting his ass handed to him after waxing nostalgic for a time when white men ruled pop culture and there was no reason for diversity."

- “Why do women rule YA?”, some ask, when the real question should be, “Why do men dominate everything else?” Marie Lu on female sci-fi and fantasy.

- Agent Amy Boggs has a great diversity round up at Pub Hub.

- PBS reports on why adults are buzzing about YA literature.

- io9 has cool Tolkien-style maps of modern cities.

- "I didn't know I was really a writer until I read it in the New York Times. And then I thought, 'Oh my god, maybe I can really do this.'" Lena Dunham interviews Judy Blume. (via Kelly Jensen)

- French author Patrick Modiano wins the Nobel Prize for Literature. Related, one of the judges claims creative writing courses are killing Western literature. (via Alexander Chee)



- Several great posts about sexual harassment, abuse, and academia/journalism/writing:

  • "We wait for the victims of abuse to be the ones to take power away from their abusers, instead of working actively to ensure that these motherfuckers never get that far in the first place." - Stories Like Passwords by Emma Healey
  • "Framing acts of molestation and assault as things that either do or do not count as if it were a bad call in a game of tag (“that doesn’t count! I wasn’t done counting to ten!”) is a troubling — and worse, ineffective — way of discussing rape." - On Deciding What Counts: Elizabeth Ellen and What Makes A Victim by Mallory Ortberg
  • "And now, since you stuck around through the first wave of threats, you are now a much BIGGER problem. Because the Worst Possible Thing has happened: as a result of those attacks, you are NOW serving Victim-Flavored Koolaid." The Trolls Will Always Win by Kathy Sierra

- Author Alis Franklin and agent Sara Megibow discuss diversity in fiction and how we redefine "normal."

- Agent Jenny Bent gives tips on dealing with rejection.

- Porter Square presents an adorable list at Buzzfeed: "12 Awkward Bookseller Moments."

- Agent Jennifer Laughran has a genius Venn diagram to help you determine how similar is too similar when it comes to your work and an agent's existing list.


- "I’m not going to lie to you, and I don’t care what color you are, you could be red, green, blue, purple, whatever; you need to understand that Ebola (the Obama of Osama, but don’t quote me) is literally the “Some of my best friends are black” of #NotAllMen." What is Ebola, from Teju Cole.

- Molly Redden reports on the ways judges humiliate teenage girls who need abortions.

- In the interest of getting this post up in a timely manner, I'm only including one link, but another black teenager has been killed in St. Louis, sparking renewed protests.

- Eve Fairbanks looks at the rise of the personal essay and why they can't replace journalism.

- "There may be work to do on the pipeline, but the pipeline isn’t the problem." Kieran Snyder looks at the reasons so many women leave tech culture.

- Hey kids, don't plagiarize or you might get your college degree revoked -- and no, being a senator won't change anything.

- Kudos to the Tulane football team for their "take a stand against domestic violence" video.

- You can make your own Buzzfeed quizzes!

- On Friday, Malala Yousafzai became the youngest ever recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize.

- YOU get gay marriage! And YOU get gay marriage!


- Mental Floss rounds up 12 works of literature in Lego.

- Rachel Hawkins has a new project, Murder Most Old-Timey, "in which the murders are gruesome, but the clothes are great."


- This mom made her daughter, a Maggie Stiefvater fan, a beautiful Shiver cake for her birthday!

- Good news: If you get lost or exhausted taking your hydro bubble to Bermuda, the Coast Guard will totally bail you out.

SNL spoofs TFIOS with part 2: "The Ebola In Our Everything." (surprisingly less offensive than I expected!)

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