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Writing Horror: Scary Writing Prompt Game #20

Happy Saturday, Spookies!

Welcome to another round of the scary writing prompt game. Again, here's how it works: I'll announce the prompt, then you guys post your response in the comment section. At the beginning of each round, I'll share my favorite bits from the previous month's entries before announcing the next prompt. At the end of the year there will be a spooky prize drawing for two lucky winners.

*All* participants are automatically entered to win! Only four rounds left until the contest closes!

Prizes: Both winners will receive a Night of Horror care package from yours truly, containing everything you need for a spooky night in--a scary DVD, creeptastic snacks, something to keep you cozy while you cower in fear of ghosts and/or serial killers, and a few other horror-related knick-knacks that won't disappoint. Maybe I'll even throw in a bottle of True Blood.

Reminder: Now accepting entries via Tumblr! Reblog with your entry attached, then tag your post with the hashtag #scarywritingpromptgame and spread the horror love on your dash! (Even if you only do a Tumblr entry and never comment on the actual post, I will still enter it for the grand prizes at the end of the year.)


The scary writing prompt game took a break for August, so allow me to show you some of the radical snippets entered in July's round, which left us and our main character Julia wondering why her mother was taking so damn long to feed the horses! You didn't disappoint, Spookies. From werewolves to Night Hunters to a surprise ghost, this round garnered such creative responses! Bravo:

The horse was dead and blood pooled next to its head and neck. As soon as she saw the horse, the other horses became restless. Julia felt a presence. Someone was watching her.

Julia whipped around to shine a light on a hairy, human form with claws and the head of a wolf. It had blood on its mouth and fur. Werewolf, Julia thought.

She dropped her flashlight and made a run for the house. She had to run clear around the stable because she couldn't run through it. Julia could hear the growling and panting behind her. It sounded close and it was only getting closer. ---honorary Spooky, via site comments


A look of horror crossed her face. “The purple candle.” She yelled as the wind lifted her off the ground. “Use the wax.” She disappeared into the barn.

I jumped into the truck locking the doors behind me and frantically begin to look for the candle. There it was in the glove box. I lit it but had no idea what to do next. The wind violently shook the truck as I lit the candle. The truck rolled on its side cracking the windows and sending wax onto my skin. Suddenly I knew what to do I could hear my mother’s voice in my head instructing me. I held the candle over my back and let the wax drip onto the marked skin as the truck lifted in the air and crashed down.

Everything went black. ---honorary Spooky Samantha Branca, via site comments


The blonde woman said, “I’m sorry to be blunt… but I just want to say that I admire you. I really do, and I know you don’t want to hear that from me. But I can’t even imagine it. You’re doing so well. Surviving. It’s unimaginable.”

Julia frowned, straining to hear what they were saying. She knew she must have missed something.

“There are people who have it worse,” Julia’s mother said. The women behind the fence murmured in admiration.

The brunette rambled, “It is something though, that she was riding when it happened… you know, we always heard about how much you and your daughter loved the horses.”

“I still love the horses. They’re not the one that died… She was careless though. Everyone knows they can panic—

The blonde tried to intervene, saying, “It was just a mistake. You needn’t blame yourself or—

“I never said I did. I have to go now.” ---honorary Spooky My Black Sea Dress, via Tumblr entry

This Month's Prompt:

They didn't know what to believe.

Tara and Jeff had been stargazing out the barn loft, talking about college plans and how neither of them planned on attending prom, when they heard a piercing shriek echo up from the empty stalls below them. Jeff nearly jumped out of his skin, but Tara recognized the sound of her best friend instantly.

"What happened, Lexi?" Tara called into the dark space below them.

"You guys have got to get out of here!" Lexi cried, her voice rising as she climbed up the ladder into the barn loft. "I just ran into Drew Pearson and those guys, and they said that there were...were..."

"Were what?" Jeff asked. "Take a deep breath Lexi, you know how Drew and those guys can be..."

"They said there were zombies," Lexi finally got out. Beads of sweat shined on her forehead in the moonlight, and she was still panting from the ladder climb. "They said that they'd just been at the gas station and saw Big Lou get killed by some lady that stumbled out of the cemetery across the street! They weren't joking, you guys, they were serious, I ran here on my way home to make sure you guys heard on time! You've gotta go home, you've gotta get your families and leave, hide..."

Tara giggled. "Lexi..." she started, feeling kind of bad at the look of intense anguish on her best friend's face. "Zombies?"

"I don't care if you jerks believe me or not," Lexi burst, her voice high-pitched and shrill. She crawled quickly back toward the opening in the floor where the ladder came up. "I'm getting out of here! I love you, Tara, but I can't risk my life, I've got to get to my mom, my baby sister..."

"Lexi, wait!" Tara said, not smiling anymore. "Wait a second, come back up, what do you mean they saw someone kill--"

"I mean it exactly how it sounds!" came Lexi's voice from the darkness of the barn below them. "Get the hell out of here as fast as you can, you guys!" And then she was gone.

"What in the world?" Jeff said after the barn door slammed shut behind her. "How did Drew Pearson manage to convince her of that story?"

"I don't know," Tara said. "Obviously zombies aren't real. But they could have been playing a trick on her, or us, all of them together."

"You think Lexi would do that?" Jeff asked. "Get real."

"It's a better explanation than freaking zombies," Tara cried, starting to get a little shrill herself.

They sat in a new, uncomfortable sort of silence. The night air around them was calm, but they were out pretty far from any houses. Certainly nothing could be going wrong in their tiny town...right?


Unleash the Hellhounds!

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