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Field Trip Friday: September 19, 2014


- "I want to offer at least one teenage girl a vocabulary for her desires, or the idea that there is one." Very rarely do I read a "Why I Write YA" piece and think "WHY DIDN'T I WRITE THIS," but lucky me, Carrie Mesrobian shared this post by Zan Romanoff.

- Annie Cardi makes the case for putting aside "likable and relatable" to focus on what's human and pressing.

- Beautiful post from Sarah McCarry about practicing for what scares you.

- Nova Ren Suma reflects on changing professional challenges over the span of a writing career.

- "What do you say to a casual friend who has become one of the most successful writers in the world, a writer so successful Maya Angelou had to die in order to slip ahead of him in the Amazon rankings for even a single day?" IDK, apparently you say, "Hey John, I wrote an article in Salon about my jealousy of you -- thanks for the hits." (via Tessa Gratton)

- Janice Hardy suggests the mini-arc method for authors who fall in the middle of the planner/pantser spectrum.

- Having recently converted to a ... shall we say, improvised version of a standing desk, I found their comparison with treadmill desks in the WaPo very interesting. (via Paolo Bacigalupi)

- Can switching genres hurt your "author brand"? Erin Bowman weighs in.

- The Center for Fiction sent us this link to Patrick Ryan's upcoming YA workshop in New York.


- Malinda Lo's analysis shows that "diverse books are disproportionately targeted for book challenges and censorship,"

- If you pirate e-books, your Amazon account can be hacked. (via Dear Author)

- Lincoln Michel looks at the biggest predicted innovations -- and flops -- in book technology, and makes a few predictions of his own.

- Steve Sheinkin's "Walking and Talking" comic series of interviews with authors is super cute.

- Cara Delevingne will play Margo in the screen version of Paper Towns.

- Booklikes has opened an affiliate program for bloggers, giving them commissions on sales resulting from their reviews. (via a Twitter convo I've since lost, sorry source!)

- Princeton's Cotsen Children's Library examines Harry Potter and the Mystery of the Author's Name(via Cheryl Klein)


- Adam Silvera highlights 5 books with fantastic gay characters, and After Ellen rounds up every YA novel with lesbians ever, in chronological order (via emily m. danforth).

- CNN put together a list of 40 highly anticipated fall YA titles, and Kirkus listed their top 14.

- Debbie Reese points out how white everyone's "10 books" lists on FB have been and offers up her own 10 Native books everyone should read.

- Valerie Tajeda asks 7 Hispanic YA authors why they think we need diverse books.

- Longlists were announced for this year's National Book Award -- congrats to the Young People's Literature nominees!


- Amazon Germany leaked a sneak peek at the Kindle's next model, Voyage.

- HarperCollins will help indie publishers with express shipping during the holidays.

- "I don’t want to have to curb my enthusiasm when I rave about something but my tweets are not advertisements." Agent Michael Bourret, editor Andrew Karre, and author Gayle Forman discuss the blurb game and a recent trend of using social media quotes without express permission.


- Stacked is giving away 3 copies of Courtney Summers's upcoming All the Rage!


- I bailed far earlier than she did, but still greatly enjoyed Whitney Fletcher's "Blazers of Glory: On Leaving Academia." (via Dahlia Adler)

- This year's MacArthur Foundation Genius Grants went to some great recipients, including cartoonist Alison Bechdel and Native activist Sarah Deer.

- Zoe Quinn shares 5 things she learned as the internet's most hated person.

- A black cosplayer was killed by police because he was carrying a sword.

- MTV's Faking It will feature an intersex character, with consulting from AIC. (via I.W. Gregorio)

- Victoria Turk examines several ways that technology isn't made to fit women -- particularly medical devices. (Comments are a cesspool, JSYK.) Meanwhile two teenager girls invented an amazing video game called "Tampon Run." (via Cleolinda Jones)

- Joseph Vogel argues Janet Jackson was the most culturally significant female artist of the 1980s.

- How do teenage crowds end up with names like "goths," "heads," and the like? Michael Erand investigates. (Note that slurs are included.) (via Blair Thornburgh)


New Mockingjay trailer!

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  1. Kate, thanks for the links! Your improvised standing desk made me smile as I've considered that option. The article on treadmill desks was really interesting. I don't think my dog would forgive me if I got one.


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