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Life is a YA Novel: a Playlist

Image: Abigail Keenan

A little while ago, I made a YA themed playlist on Spotify, just for fun. (Well, I was probably meant to be writing or something, but, you know.) Some of the songs have overtly YA themes, but most are on the list just because they have some quality that makes me feel like I'm reading YA fiction. There's romance, heartbreak, frustration, joy, introspection, yearning, drama, adventure. All the things I love most about reading (and writing) YA.

What do you love most about YA fiction? What songs do you associate with it?

Leila Austin

Leila lives in Middle Earth, also known as New Zealand, and writes YA fantasy.

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  1. I guess I was meant to write YA, so many of my favorite songs on this list. :)


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