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Field Trip Friday: August 15, 2014


- Ferguson. Just going to link to a couple of powerful and/or YA-pertinent pieces:

- The world mourned the loss of Robin Williams, who overcame substance abuse but continued to struggle with depression, anxiety, and, as his wife explained later in the week, a recent Parkinson's diagnosis. In the news's wake came several good pieces about mental illness, including Helen Rosner's "Not Everyone Feels This Way" (via Vicki Lame), and Tom Hawking dismantling the idea that you can "battle" depression, and Caitlin Dewey explaining why sharing that "Genie, you're free!" image is a formula for potential contagion, or copycat suicides. Of course it wouldn't be the internet without some idiocy: Trolls drove Williams's daughter Zelda completely offline (see also: Imani Gandy's piece about Twitter's refusal to handle harassers, via Alice)

- Amazon sent their KDP authors a letter requesting they contact Hatchette about e-book prices -- and CC them on the email -- then launched a "Readers United" website. A "Books United" parody site wasn't far behind. Chuck Wendig says this feels particularly cuckoo bananapants; The Orwell estate is less than pleased with Amazon's selective quoting of 1984(via Sarah Weinman) DBW has the text of Hachette CEO's response email.


- Maggie Stiefvater isn't a writer -- she's a thief and an artist.

- Our lady Stephanie Kuehn discusses likability vs empathy, the impact of naming, and her own teenage years.

- Dannie Morin explains why it sucks when your therapist character sucks.

- What if you can't write what you love? Janice Hardy has advice.

- Erin Bowman shares lessons learned from writing a trilogy.

- Ursula K. Le Guin talks to Michael Cunningham about genres, gender, and broadening fiction (via Sarah McCarry)


- "Girls Ruin Everything": Kelly Jensen discusses the ways we treat successful women writers (and in general).

- Elizabeth Bird helps you update your book blogroll.

- The film version of The Duff by Kody Keplinger has a release date!


- HarperCollins plans to assist indie booksellers with marketing funds.

- Chuck Wendig has tips on how to self-promote "without feeling like a soul-selling, sleeze-sucking slime glob."

- Neil Patel lists 15 helpful Twitter hacks -- check out his tips for advanced searching.

KDP authors are getting pre-order buttons.

- Publishing Trends looks at the branding various publishers are doing via YouTube.

- "I'm a lawyer, can I be my friend's literary agent?" Janet Reid asks 10 questions in response.

- A former Strange Chemistry editor shares ten things you may not know about publishing. (via Aisha Saeed)

- Malinda Lo suggests the best ways to incorporate diversity into your book event and conference programming.


- The Fearless Fifteeners are giving away crits, books, and more!

- Unlock the Prize Vault Giveaway -- Martina Boone is giving away over 65 books, signed series, and more!


- Paul Ford explains the benefits of being polite.

- What happens if you like every single thing you see on Facebook? Mat Honan finds out.

- What happens if a woman spreads her legs like a dude on the subway? Gabrielle Moss finds out.

- A teen's science project might help prevent cyber bullying.

- One of the Steubenville boys convicted of rape is back on the football team for the upcoming season.

- Jezebel calls out its own parent company, Gawker, for refusing to address a huge problem with rape gifs in the comments.

- A 14-yr-old Texas boy managed to live in secret forts inside a Corsicana Walmart for four days before getting caught.


These fifth graders are awesome.

And this is a dog riding a bike. You're welcome.

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  1. Thanks for more links on what's happening in Ferguson. I've tried my best to stay informed. I'm glad that things are a little bit better now.

    -P.E. @ The Sirenic Codex

  2. Thanks for the links - quite a busy week for August!


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