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Field Trip Friday: August 1, 2014


- "Do cultural outsiders have the 'right to write' about us?" Lyn Miller-Lachmann on being defined by others.

- Elizabeth Craig warns writers to be careful of how they sit, and Miranda Kenneally shares the health problems that too much computer time has caused her.

- Lovers, critics, frenemies, and haters: Ann Friedman presents "The Disapproval Matrix." (via Jaye Robin Brown)

- Susan Dennard gives tips on creating 3D characters, and Olugbemisola Rhuday-Perkovich suggests using stage techniques to make your characters more realistic. (via Cheryl Klein)

- "Star YA authors reveal inspirations and challenges" at the SLJ virtual conference.

- If you can't be at SCBWI this weekend, you can watch their blog for the highlights. Or play the "How To Be a Writer" game at the LA Times. (via Michele Wells)

- I was really excited to announce the sale of my debut novel this week, but I think Stephanie Kuehnert wins everything because she found out about her offer via tuxedoed singing gorilla.


- Rebecca Mead at The New Yorker rails against "The Scourge of 'Relatability.'"

- A new study shows kids who read Harry Potter "are more likely to show tolerance towards gay people, immigrants, and refugees."

- Ebony Elizabeth Thomas takes a scholarly look at race, perceptions of innocence, and The Hunger Games. (via Sarah McCarry)  (And related, see how this affects children of color as early as preschool.)

- Kelly Jensen at Stacked has a guide to using Edelweiss for research and review copies.

- Booksellers explain the line between YA and MG.

- "There isn’t only one axis on which something can be significant." Ann Leckie discusses diversity in sci fi with a face punching metaphor. (via Anne Ursu)

- Epic Reads rounds up 12 great road trip books, SLJ has "What's Hot in YA," and Monica Olivera lists 10 Latino books for teens.

- The Onion gets in on the YA trope fun.

- Shae McDaniel puts a cute book twist on "pet shaming."

- Congrats to Holly Black, who'll be writing the next Doctor Who adventure!


- Elle Fanning will star in the adaptation of a YA book that's not even out yet.

Lorde has been named curator of the Mockingjay soundtrack.

Nat Wolff says Paper Towns is kind of like The Godfather.

 - Flavorwire names the 25 best coming-of-age movies ever.


- Congratulations to We Need Diverse Books! They're incorporating as a non-profit and announced their first advisory board: Grace Lin, Jacqueline Woodson, Matt de la Peña, Cynthia Leitich Smith, and Cindy Pon.

- Elizabeth Weed has marketing tips for agents and authors, suggesting they worry only about what they can control. (via Cynthia Leitich SmithWhat can writers control? Not much, says Elizabeth Eulberg.

- Beth Revis shares the things she wishes she had done from the very beginning of her writing career.

- If you're querying, don't do this. Or this.

- Amazon and Alloy are teaming up for a digital imprint.

- John Scalzi uses logic to discuss the latest in the Hatchette/Amazon issues.


- "I Accidentally Started a Wikipedia Hoax" by EJ Dickson (via Lindsay Culli)

- A Utah man was fired from a language school for blogging about homophones.

- Marc Hirsh explains why Parks and Recreation is better at nerds than Big Bang Theory. (via Bree Bridges)

- If you want to know why Native mascots are a problem, this 15-year-old California student can explain (via Tim Tingle); CNN asks what Natives really look like in their coverage of Matika Wilbur's Project 562, and Adrienne Keene discusses the good and bad of speaking up when you don't look "right.".

- Will Leitch says Michelle Beadle's remarks about domestic violence are "legitimately one of the most courageous things [he's] ever seen someone in sports journalism do." (via Linda HolmesRelated: Roxane Gay's "A Way Back From That Hurt."


Catherine and Heathcliff audition for Twilight.

Gurl rounds up the best #badHogwartsclasses, including "Advanced Muggle Studies: Analyzing Selfies" (@PotterToday), "Fantastic Beats by Dre and Where to Find Them" (@MarcDWilkinson), and "He's Just Not That Slytherin to You" (@thechrisarmy).

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