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Field Trip Friday: July 18, 2014


- Robin LaFevers's latest, "The Crushing Weight of Expectations," is fantastic as always.

- Jessica Spotswood speaks candidly about managing anxiety and a writing career, and Katrina Leno shows how depression can affect even happy occasions like release day. (via Sarah LaPolla)

- What makes an editor stop reading your manuscript? Former Egmont/S&S/Penguin editor Elizabeth Law has a list.

- Dan Koboldt shares 10 things writers usually get wrong about the woods. (The answer to his unidentified crying baby noise is probably "coyote.") (via Elsie Chapman)

- Disability in KidLit highlights warning flags and turn offs.

- "Nobody owes you a damn thing." Kait Nolan is unimpressed with entitlement in writer culture.

- Ally Carter revisits her great "Letter to Baby Author Me."

- This is an older post, but "First Drafting: Now 96% Faster!" by Tara Dairman is worth a read, as well as its links to the aforementioned Robin LaFevers.

- Kameron Hurley has encouragement in "On Public Speaking While Fat." (via Ysabeau Wilce)

- This week First Draft with Sarah Enni posted an interview with Caroline Tung Richmond, discussing perseverance, sci fi love, writing while parenting, and more!


- Flavorwire rounds up the internet's most influential writers.

- Nathan Rabin is sorry for coining the phrase "manic pixie dream girl." (via Melissa Faulner)

- I know you're TFIOS-ed out, but Briallen Hooper has a review of the book and movie that also illustrates beautifully the value of YA.

- YA Interrobang has moved to a daily format, and the site looks great!

- The UK’s first Young Adult Literature Convention debates gender, sex, and strong heroines.

- MTV rounds up 17 music-themed YA books. (via Sean Beaudoin)  Related: check out these 8th grade metal heads who just got a 7-figure record deal.



- The NYT examines both sides of the Hachette vs Amazon fight, and Laura Hazard Owen investigates how the issues has taken on the vocabulary of class warfare. (via Chuck Wendig) Meanwhile Amazon rolled out their "Kindle Unlimited" service this morning, which is kind of like Netflix for books.

- Carly Watters has 6 things you shouldn't expect from your agent. (via Julia Weber)

- Victoria Strauss of Writer Beware did an AMA this week, discussing scams, harassment, and more.

- Janet Reid suggests when you should attend conferences, and Beth Phelan discusses how everyone is nervous there - including her.


- Rebecca Traister's article on male metrics for success made an Amy Poehler quote this week's battle cry: "I don't f*cking care if you like it." (George R. R. Martin has a similar message for his fans.)

- Vulture examines what summer blockbusters still get wrong about women. (They also have great moments in dystopian knitwear.)

- "The word BALANCE has tilted dangerously close, I fear, to the word PERFECT — another word that women use as weapons against themselves and each other," says Elizabeth Gilbert.

- A new study shows that women are penalized for fostering diversity in the workplace.

- Another study shows binge drinkers are most likely to be popular during young adulthood.

- The casting call for Straight Outta Compton is crazy racist. (via Shveta Thakrar)

- "While Writing For 'Orange Is The New Black,' I Realized I Was Gay," by Lauren Morelli

- The Malaysian plane shot down over the Ukraine this week was carrying an as-of-yet unverified number of AIDS researchers.

- I can't even with this.


Unless you were on internet hiatus, you probably saw Weird Al's "Blurred Lines" parody, "Word Crimes."

and you probably saw this woman kicking ass on American Ninja

And you probably saw hundreds of ball pit jokes (even Denny's got in on it), which Jezebel explained Monday morning for those of us out of the loop.

But did you see Kristen Stewart and Anne Hathaway in drag? Thank goodness Mallory Ortberg did.

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  1. I know I rarely comment...but I just wanted to say THANK YOU for putting these together! I read every time they're up and love exploring all the links. :)


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