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Field Trip Friday: July 25, 2014


- The Associated Press illustrates how a misplaced comma can cause spark panic. (via Kathleen Ortiz)

- Justine Larbalestier explains why ‘likeability’ is not a requirement for good fiction.

- "While most issues in workshop are presented as universal to story, race can come off as a burden personal to writers of color." Matthew Salesses at NPR on defending your writing and defending yourself.

- Maybe don't worry too much about your Bookscan numbers, since they omitted 10K copies from Edan Lepucki's release week.


- The Cape Henlopen School Board has solved their summer reading list problem by not just removing The Miseducation of Cameron Post -- they're removing the entire list.

- Librarians in a Wisconsin school district are concerned about unqualified volunteers removing books from shelves. (via Kelly Jensen)

- Meg Morley explains why sex positivity is important in YA, and Karen Jensen at SLJ has tips on how librarians can help fight slut shaming.

- The Man Booker Prize longlist includes Americans for the first time.

- William Polking uses our own Steph Kuehn's Complicit to make a case against Slate's "Against YA" piece, and a psychologist at the HuffPo explains why adults totally should read YA books.

- Book Riot's new "3 on a YA Theme" feature kicks off with summer camp titles.

- Bookish rounds up 10 LGBT books you need to read this year.

- Kayla Ancrum has a killer essay (from February) explaining in muggle terms why Snape was a terrible friend to Lily.

- "GENDER-FLIP GEEK ICONS! RACE-FLIP NERD WAR! GAY BATMAN! RAAAAAR!" Can't really give a better summary of Chuck Wendig's post.

- PW has a sneak peak at spring 2015's hot titles!


- PW takes a (not very encouraging) look at how YA publishers and authors can stop book piracy.

- The NYT discusses why writers are opening up about money (or the lack thereof). (via Vicki Lame)

- What do copy editors do? Edan Lepucki interviews hers to find out. (via Martha Mihalick)

- Sara Megibow discusses whether you still need an agent. (via Sarah LaPolla)

- Claire Cook shares why she left her mighty agency and publisher.

- Rachel Aaron says Kindle Unlimited is going to make a ton of money, and you might too; Kelly Jensen explains that Unlimited is not just like Netflix. Meanwhile Amazon's dispute with Hachette does seem to be affecting book buying, and I'm having trouble parsing this article about Amazon and the CIA (MAYBE BECAUSE THEY WANT ME TO BE CONFUSED) but it seems relevant.

- Submissions are now open for participation in the new North Texas Teen Book Festival!


- Don't miss this week's First Draft with Sarah Enni interviews, featuring Lindsay Smith, author of Sekret and Skandal, Cristin Terrill, author of All Our Yesterdays, and Ellen Oh, author of Prophecy!

- Meet the teen who dropped out of high school to cure cancer sooner.

- Brianna Wu shares the realities of harassment for women in the gaming industry. (Warning: graphic language, slurs, etc.) (via Liz Burns)

- Crunk Feminist Collective discusses the problem with praising black girl strength. (via Jada Bradley)


- Mental Floss recounts how Superman defeated the Ku Klux Klan. (via Tessa Gratton)

- 5 excellent examples of animation based on literature.

- The 50 Shades trailer happened.

Epic Reads is the best.

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