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Field Trip Friday: May 9, 2014


In response to the huge success of the #WeNeedDiverseBooks campaign, BookCon has added a new panel featuring members of the campaign! You can also catch our lady Veronica Roth moderating a panel with guests Alaya Dawn Johnson, Marie Lu, and Danielle Paige.

Harper Collins acquired Harlequin, and the media coverage could have been worse... actually, no it couldn't.

You can now purchase things from Amazon WITH A TWEET.


- If you only read one link this week, make it this one: Anne Ursu's keynote speech for the Children’s and Young Adult Literature Conference at The Loft Literary Center. Includes wisdom such as, "Wounding our characters is how they grow, and watching them grow is what gives the young reader those words and ideas that help them fight their own monsters," and "Kids want stories. They crave them, and they don’t have time for your crap." It's long. Read it anyway.

- Chuck Wendig reminds you: You are totally going to die. (So write. Now.)

- Janice Hardy asks 4 questions to make your scenes pop.

- Candy Harper sent us her lazy author's guide to writing guest posts.

- "Men act, women appear." Carrie Mesrobian on the dual vision women have to maintain.

- Love a book but don't know how to promote it? Elodie Nowodazkij has a guide to helping your favorite authors.

- Lindsay Leavitt shares the experience of writing a "happy" book while dealing with depression and it makes me want to give her a hug. (via Katie Alender)

- Jessica Martinez shares "some real numbers. No whining. No self-pitying. Just some midlist honesty in all its unsung glory."


- Book Riot premiers its new "Book Riot News" -- a Reddit-style site for bookish types, except that "no one gets to call you an idiot or make fun of you or otherwise be a jerk."

- "[W]e love stories about teenagers, because although they can be cynical about many things, they aren't cynical about love, hope, and the stuff that really matters, like the future." John Green tells Cosmo why you can't get too old for YA novels.

- Speaking of, Molly Wetta has the ultimate "if you like John Green" reading list. (via Angie Manfredi)

- M. Molly Backes says the novel isn't dead so please shut up about Harry Potter. (via Carrie Mesrobian)

- "Reading children’s books out loud and listening to race through scripted accents sends troubling messages about 'difference' at an early age." D. Ines Casillas examines "Mexican" and mock Spanish in children's books. (via Léonicka)

- Oh shit: Russia bans cussing in its books, movies, and music. (via Michael Bourret)

- The Hairpin has Goosebumps books illustrated from memory.

- Congrats to David Levithan and Andrea Cremer, whose Invisibility has been acquired by Warner Bros! (via Jessica Spotswood)


- GalleyCat reports that children's/YA sales are up 43% over last year.

- Jane Lebak considers what to tell a friend who's fallen out of love with her agent.

- Cautionary tale from Janet Reid about sharing printed copies of your manuscript with friends.

- Dahlia Adler looks at New Adult, how it became predominately romance, and more (with more conversation in the comments).

- Foz Meadows takes down the claim that sci fi is getting too PC.

- The Book Smugglers want your subversive fairy tale retellings.

- Sarah Hannah Gómez explains why she has some issues with the CBC Diversity group.

- PW reports that subscription e-book service Oyster continues to grow.

- Quick reminder that if you're a tool online, agents will notice.


- I put together this internet survival kit to help you minimize online rage.

- Students at a California high school are "being discouraged" from their NFL-style prom date draft. (via Kelly Jensen)

- Jessica Valenti looks at the US's obsession with virginity, purity balls, and the message we send. (also via Kelly)

- School board denies creation of student advisory position; 9th grader says, "Fine. I'll run for an actual seat." (also also via Kelly)

- A 16-yr-old Florida girl graduated last week -- from high school and college.

- On its 30th anniversary, Jennifer Castle takes a look back at "Sixteen Candles."

- How not to care so much what others think, by Justine Musk (via Gwenda Bond)

- Gabourey Sidibe gave an inspirational speech at the Ms. Foundation Gala.

- Check out A. C. Gaughen giving a TED Talk at Harvard University!


This Harvard student found a way to create makeup with a 3D printer. (WITCHCRAFT.)

Who has the biggest vocabulary in hip hop? (spoiler: Wu-Tang.)

And finally, Buzzfeed Pop demonstrates what happens when you genderbend popular movies.

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  1. As always, thanks for pulling this together, Kate. I'll start with Anne Ursu's link, and go from there. Have a great weekend!

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