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Field Trip Friday: May 23, 2014


- Ellen Oh is a freaking rockstar, fielding a ridiculous amount of hate for her article at Thought Catalog, "Stop Telling Us To Shut Up About Needing Diverse Books." Monica Byrne gets a lot of the same at The Atlantic with "Literature Still Urgently Needs More Non-White, Non-Male Heroes."

- The Romantic Times Bookfair angered self-published authors, who were separated into a different room from traditionally-published authors. Courtney Milan explains what happened and why; Ceilidh explains why it's not okay to appropriate civil rights language in this discussion.

- "You don’t see teenage girls anywhere unless they’re being bitten by vampires so I wanted to write about a funny, weird teenage girl having adventures, particularly sex adventures,” says Caitlin Moran, who has apparently never read more than one YA book in her life.

- As of 11pm Central last night, Amazon had removed purchase buttons from many forthcoming Hatchette titles (this subscription link is the only article I've seen so far).


- "[Y]ou are putting your responsibility at the feet of marginalized people when you ask for nebulous 'permission.' Please stop doing that." Steph Sinkhorn has a message for her fellow straight white writers, and co-#WeNeedDiverseBooks organizer Karen Sandler has a similar message in "Thanks for Adding to the Conversation–But Could You Sit Down and Listen Now?"

- JW Manus shares tips for making MS Word work for you, not against you, especially if you're planning to convert to an e-book.

- "My characters are not me," says Maggie Stiefvater, "but they are the questions in my head."

- Two Latina authors plot a feminist takeover of chick-lit. (via Sarah McCarry)

- Heads up, high school seniors: The deadline for Penguin's Out of the Easy writing scholarship contest is next week!

- Ten things writers get wrong about Emergency Medical Services, from The Writing Cafe.

- Diversity Cross-Check is a Tumblr reference for people writing outside their identity. (via C.M. Nelson)


- Happy I Read YA week! The event ends today with the question, "What should YA characters read?"

- Though First Book is doing some great things for diversity, Debbie Reese says they still need to step up their game.

- Some real talk about YA media coverage this week: Karen Jensen has a starter guide for anyone writing about YA; John Green talks to the South Bend Tribune about media attention, backlash, and the #WeNeedDiverseBooks campaign; and Rolling Stone put together a list of 40 all-time best YA books that actually doesn't suck!

- Are teens really reading less? Consider the source, says Marc Aronson at SLJ.

- Flavorwire lists the ten best weddings in literature.

- Cathy Blackler shares ten titles that students hand deliver, "matter-of-factly, with the 'let’s talk about it' expression." (via Sara Zarr)

- A rare 1958 recording of J.R.R. Tolkien discussing Lord of the Rings has been found.

- Lee and Low Books have a checklist for creating a diverse book collection, and Kelly Jensen put together 30 upcoming diverse titles to add to your TBR list.

- Open Book Toronto talks to Léonicka Valcius about diversifying Canadian lit.


Quvenzhané Wallis will star in the adaptation of Counting By 7s.

- You can get  your first look at the movie adaptation of Lauren Kate's Fallen at Cinema blend. (via Forever Young Adult)

- The adaptation of Kody Keplinger's The DUFF is looking for extras!


- How do editors make offers? Jordan Hamessley London walks you through the process.

- Beth Phelan explains why agents often request the first ten pages with queries.

- "This job is an absolute roller coaster because the good times are great, and the low times can be very low." Agent Carly Watters talks to She Does The City about agenting.

- Hybrid authors have become a thing, but what are hybrid agents? Sarah Davies explains in an interview with Bethany Hensel.

- The NYT Sunday Book Review debates whether book promotion is frivolous or necessary.

- New Leaf Literary is hosting a Twitter pitch contest today!


- I'm only part-way through it because I stopped to write this post, but this week's non-YA related must-read is "The Case for Reparations" by Ta-Nehisi Coates. (via Teju Cole)

- Ladies, work hard, because in the future, your 4.0 high school GPA will be worth... the same as a guy's 2.0. (via Liz Burns)

- "Do not be overly opinionated about anything!" "NEVER say, 'Oh, we're not allowed to eat!'" Other joys of being an NFL cheerleader include jiggle tests, outlawed panties, tampon regulations, and more -- which is why there have been five lawsuits this year.

- Facebook keeps developing really creepy tools.

- A Georgia high school senior class vice-president was smart enough to use symbols from the periodic table to spell "Back that ass up" in her yearbook -- so logically, she might not be allowed to walk at graduation. (You'll also be shocked to hear she's a WOC.)

- "I'm sorry," says comedian Sarah Millican, whose BAFTA dress was ridiculed. "I thought I had been invited to such an illustrious event because I am good at my job."

- The New Yorker explains why people to continue to believe things that aren't true. (via Karen Healey)

- If you've ever used birth control pills, you might have Loretta Lynn to thank. (via Megan Fitzpatrick)

- The Onion, taking no prisoners: "Date Rapist Tossing His Mortarboard Into the Air 3 Rows In Front of You."


Which children's book character are you? (I am Max from Where the Wild Things Are.)

"Celebrities Read Mean Tweets" Round 7 (NSFW)

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  1. Holy moley, it's been a big week! I feel like I could spend all day getting up to date on all this pub news.


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