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Writing Horror: Scary Writing Prompt Game #16

Happy Thursday, Spookies!

Welcome to another round of the scary writing prompt game. Again, here's how it works: I'll announce the prompt, then you guys post your response in the comment section. At the beginning of each round, I'll share my favorite bits from the previous month's entries before announcing the next prompt. At the end of the year there will be a spooky prize drawing for two lucky winners. *All* participants are automatically entered to win!

Last month's prompt followed Hailey and Ben as they embarked on a first date in the woods, only to find a mysterious note taped to a tree. Was somebody following them? Did one of them put it there? The answers provided were equally different and awesome, and a certain snippet from Samantha's entry packed an especially twisty punch:

Hailey grabbed Ben's hand and began pulling him back the way they came. They walked a couple of feet and stopped. Ben looked up at the trees. The birds stopped singing and the sky became dark. Everything around them was still. Hailey squeezed his wrist and backed into him. He saw what she was looking at. A cloaked figure appeared in the distance.

"No, no, not now. Not now." Hailey whispered as she keep backing up.

"Hailey, what's happening?" Ben was barely able to get the words out.

The figure seemed to float towards them.

"I'm sorry Ben. I'm so sorry." Hailey cried.

"I've come to collect what I am owed." The voice seemed to come all around them.

"I don't understand. Please, Hailey what is happening."

"Run," Hailey whispered.

They both turned and took off through the woods.

"Hailey, I can't keep up." Ben screamed.

She looked behind her in time to see Ben trip over a tree root that seemed to appear out of the ground. The root began to wrap itself around Ben.

"Help" he screamed reaching out for Hailey, but she just stood there not moving. "I'm sorry" she sounded defeated. "I tried not to like you. It's my curse. I can't escape my faith and neither can you."

Great job, Samantha! And a special shout out to and Lucy Belll for their own kick-ass entries.


This Month's Prompt:

They had only just gotten the campfire going when the sun went down.

"This isn't as fun as I thought it'd be," Jeremy complained for the third time in fifteen minutes. "I thought we'd be a little closer to other people, or at least a road..."

"Dude." Kayla stood up from where she was crouching in front of the fire and dropped the last piece of wood into the growing flames. "What do you think camping is, exactly? Parking in a dirt lot next to a bunch of other jerks and cooking hot dogs on a nasty grill that's bolted to the ground? Yeah, no. Stop complaining already, Jeremy. Enjoy the privacy and the peace."

"Whenever I went camping as a kid there were at least bathrooms!" Jeremy said. "I have no interest in walking half a mile into the forest every time I need to go."

"This coming from the one of us that can pee standing up," Kayla smirked. "Also, if there were bathrooms, it wasn't really camping."

"Yes it was!" Jeremy protested. "We slept outside. In tents."

"Yeah, tents set up in a dirt parking lot, not nature."

"I feel kind of guilty," Elise piped up from the lawn chair she'd parked in front of the fire. She lifted the hood of her sweatshirt over her head and shivered. "It's my fault Jeremy didn't know what he was getting into. I never told him that we were camping in the ridge, or that we'd have to get to the site by canoe."

"Yeah," Jeremy said with a sigh. "Thanks for that."

"Camping is the most fun this way," Kayla promised as she set up the rest of the lawn chairs and started passing out the supplies for s'mores. Jeremy sat down in one of the free seats, then shoved the end of his s'mores stick through both of the giant marshmallows in his hand.

After making their way through half the bag of marshmallows and an entire board of sausage and crackers with mustard, everybody was relaxed and even Jeremy couldn't deny he was having a great time. Before too long they ran out of firewood, and everybody made their way into the pitch-black forest to gather more, using the light of their cell phones to try and make their way.
morgueFile free photos--image by BlackRenard

"What type of wood are we looking for?" Jeremy asked as he squinted at the ground. Even with the cell phone, it was dark.

"Just any sort of branches or dry wood," Kayla said. She already had three pieces tucked under her arm, of course. "Just nothing damp or--" she cut off and looked over her shoulder.

"What's the matter?" Jeremy asked.

"I thought I heard someone talking back there." Kayla frowned. "But I'm pretty sure Elise is somewhere in the other direction."

"What?" Jeremy held his cell phone in the direction that Kayla had heard the voice, but it was useless. "You had better be kidding me."

"Hold on a second," Kayla said, and stepped away into the darkness. "I can still hear it. I think it might be Elise..."

"Kayla, wait." Jeremy was starting to panic a little bit. He hadn't been paying attention when they wandered away from their campsite, because he assumed he would just follow Kayla back. "I'm gonna get lost if you leave me here."

But there came no reply. Jeremy spun all around, looking for any sign of their dying camp fire, but only saw the solid outlines of pines. "Kayla?"

Somewhere ahead of him, Jeremy heard the crunch of gently snapping twigs. Someone was walking toward him. "Kayla?" Jeremy called out, chilled to his bone. "Kayla, is that you?"


Release the Hellhounds!!

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