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Cover Reveal: The Boyfriend Thief

Today we are happy to share with you an exclusive cover reveal for THE BOYFRIEND THIEF by Shana Norris. Without further ado, here's the lovely cover:

The Boyfriend Thief by Shana Norris
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Published TODAY March 24th, 2014!

Plot Synopsis

1 ill-fated hot dog costume • 2 former BFFs • 11 days to seduce a boy.

Avery James doesn’t believe in romance—she’s studied enough biology to know that love is nothing more than hormones and chemicals. Besides, she has more practical goals in mind, namely saving up for a summer humanitarian program in Costa Rica. But when her Diggity Dog House supervisor denies her a raise and Avery finds herself $500 dollars short for the trip of a lifetime, Avery has no choice but to accept an unexpected offer. The deal? She must steal her arch nemesis Hannah’s boyfriend before prom, giving Avery eleven days to seduce Zac Greeley.

Avery is sure the job will be easy. But a few midnight comedy shows and spontaneous dance parties (not to mention one particularly intimate carwash) later, Avery finds herself questioning everything she’s ever thought about love. Could Zac’s signature cherry-lime Slurpees be causing brain freeze, or is Avery actually starting to fall for him?

Will Avery be able to steal Zac away from Hannah before he steals Avery’s heart?

Shana’s Thoughts on the Beautiful Girl Cover!

I was really nervous about what it might look like, but I'm happy to say I love the dreamy cover! It highlights the romance in the book and the bond that develops between Avery and Zac. There are tender moments just like this in the story, and I love that the cover reflects that.
The Boyfriend Thief is perfect for fans of authors such as Jenny Han, Sarah Dessen, and Jennifer Echols. If you like sweet romance with a bit of humor and heartache, I hope you'll give The Boyfriend Thief a try.

Author Bio
Shana Norris once dreamed of being a rock star, a ballerina, and an archaeologist. Then she realized she couldn't sing, had never taken a ballet lesson in her life, and didn't particularly like to get dirty. She became a writer so that she could be all of those things and more. Shana currently lives in eastern North Carolina with her husband, two dogs, five cats, and five chickens.

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  1. The cover really does a great job reflecting your description of the book.

  2. Sounds like a fun twist on romantic comedy and hijinks! :)


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