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Field Trip Friday: February 7, 2014


- Very helpful post by Courtney Milan over at Janice Hardy's blog, on maximizing digital sales through efficient use of backmatter.

- Kameron Hurley has some tough love for writers who hate marketing.

- Increase your word count with Susan Dennard's productivity pyramid.

- Maggie Stiefvater debates whether it's important for teens to have something of their own, or just something matters.

- Natalie Whipple takes an honest look at life on the midlist.

- Feeling discouraged? Claire Legrand says keep going, and don't give up.

- Courtney Summers reminds the ladies not to apologize for their success.


- JK Rowling blew up the internet with an interview claiming Hermione should have married Harry. (Honestly, there are tons of great posts on this, but the conversation makes me very tired and I just... couldn't.)

- YALSA continues to announce this year's reading lists, including Quick Picks, Popular Paperbacks, and For the College Bound, while Lemony Snicket announced an annual prize he'll be giving to librarians who have "faced adversity with integrity and dignity intact."

- A new app helps readers choose books without judging by their covers.

- Debbie Reese shares her thoughts on Native American representation in YA.

- Ice-T is narrating a D&D audiobook that he calls "impossible to read, son."

- The Toronto Public Library rethinks an anti-Valentines event encouraging kids to deface book covers.

- Lots of quality posts for Black History Month so far: Book Riot puts together a timeline of black history in YA, Stacked has a guide to the urban fiction genre, which includes many black authors, and Diversity in YA rounds up 10 African American authors to know, including our own Stephanie Kuehn (who also made the longlist for the Carnegie Medal!).

- We updated our list of YA authors on Tumblr -- feel free to email us with additions (including yourself!).

- Congratulations to the lovely and talented Debbie Ridpath Ohi, who designed the new covers for Judy Blume's classic novels!


- Are ARCs still valuable marketing tools? Alex Bracken weighs in.

- Editor Donna Bray answers questions about diversity in the industry.

- Cheryl Klein posts a defense of the CBC Diversity Committee.

- Adobe will revise their plans to upgrade DRM that would have broken lots of e-readers.


- Help Zoë Marriott celebrate her new covers and get a signed bookplate!

- Win a copy of Kate Scott's upcoming Counting to D, courtesy of Kris Atkins!

- See the trailer for Kara Taylor's Wicked Little Secrets and win an ARC!


- Everyone was horrified to hear about the overdose death of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman, who Russell Brand says is a victim of extremely stupid drug laws. However fans will still see Hoffman on the screen for a few years: Lionsgate says his role as Plutarch Heavensbee in the final Hunger Games movies is already mostly filmed.

- #NotYourMascot trended during the Super Bowl. Now it's time for the Olympics, and @SochiProblems has gathered more followers than the official Sochi account before the Opening Ceremonies have even started.

- As Woody Allen receives accolades for his work, Dylan Farrow shares a gut-wrenching letter about her childhood with the man. (big time trigger warnings for rape.)

- Naoki Hiroshima reports on how PayPal divulged his personal information, putting his websites and more at risk -- just because hackers wanted his rare Twitter handle. (via Livia Blackburne)

- A fake Russian lesbian pop duo will perform at the Opening Ceremonies despite the country's draconian anti-LGBT laws. I ... what. (via Malinda Lo)  However, it's encouraging to see companies like Google and AT&T speaking out.

- Rebel Wilson and Anna Kendrick are officially on board for Pitch Perfect 2.

- One way to deal with haters and trolls? Turn them into art.


Gurl put together a really solid list of 30 albums to help you survive high school.


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