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Field Trip Friday: February 28, 2014


- Don't hate follow, look for respect, and picture them in their PJs: Courtney Maum tells you how to not hate your writing friends.

- Emily Gould's first novel paid $200,000 and put her into debt.

- Kate Brauning started a fun #YALoveStories hashtag, sharing stories of teen romance that lasted.

- Many writers will see themselves in Margaret Hawkins's "Confessions of a Lifelong Eavesdropper."

- Our girl Steph Kuehn shares her writing journey at The Brown Bookshelf.

- "[A] blanket contempt for 'cliche' more often than not looks to me like a blanket contempt for stories produced and consumed by women." Sarah McCarry talks YA cliches, lessons, and favorites.

- Claire Legrand discusses the importance of the unlikable heroine.

- World building? Check out this collection of geographical descriptors.

- Francisco X. Stork is always so eloquent about depression, and his latest post about what he learned from writing a depressed character is no exception.

- Browse through a satirical history of England written by 15-year-old Jane Austen.

- You probably heard about Amtrak's new writer residency program, but we can't all ride the train at once. Jia Tolentino at The Hairpin has a few alternatives for writing retreats.

- Publishing's all about waiting, but Tasha Golden can help you wait better.


- PW crunches the changing numbers in teen reading preferences.

- Susan Hanks, Debbie Reese, Teresa Runnels, and Tim Tingle collaborate on a list of the top 100 books by indigenous writers. (Debbie has also expanded American Indians in Children's Literature to Tumblr!)

- Jennifer Lynn Barnes once again brings the science, looking at studies of parasocial relationships and how they relate to fiction, fandom, and online interaction. Jon Skovron adds commentary regarding the phenomenon's effects on author confidence.

- The Hub looks at YA historical covers to see which ones get the fashion right.

- E. E. Ottoman considers why lesbian romance is so much less popular than gay or straight.

- Congrats to Jay Asher, who's headlining a "50 States Against Bullying" campaign!

- Two book-related Buzzfeed quizzes this week: Which author is your soul mate? (I got Thoreau) and Which Baby-Sitters Club member are you? (I took it twice and got Claudia and Mallory. That cannot be right.)


- The director of The Fault In Our Stars is now looking to take over the film adaption of Stephen King's The Stand.

- Jack Black is in talks to star in a Goosebumps adaption.

- Our girl Veronica Roth will be joining cast members on Divergent red carpet screenings tour!


- VIDA breaks down the stats for gender parity in reviews for 2013 and finds a little improvement, while Aimee Phan explains why mainstream critics fail writers of color.

- After several months of suspension, the SFWA Bulletin returns.

- An intern at the Bent Agency gives you an inside look at the slush pile.

- Todd Strasser discusses the pros and cons of big name vs mid-level agents.

- Janice Hardy's site has always been one of our favorites, and now it's getting an overhaul as Fiction University!


- Cielrouge is hosting an international giveaway for an ARC of E. Lockhart's We Were Liars!


- Is art popular because it's good? NPR shares an experiment that suggests otherwise.

- Medieval POC takes down the claim that ethnic studies are divisive and hurtful.

- The WaPo says there are six kinds of Twitter and political is the worst.

- David Levithan's annual music poll is up and the winner is...


A couple of cool charts: A Diagrammatical Dissertation on Opening Lines of Notable Novels and 162 YA retellings.

This four-year-old dresses better than me and her outfits are entirely made of paper.

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  1. aww, I got thoreau too. let's run away in the woods together

  2. I'm Logan Bruno and Oscar Wilde is my author soulmate. Hahahh.

    1. I misread that as Olivia Wilde at first and was really really jealous.


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