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Field Trip Friday: February 21, 2014


John Green's in the hot seat once again, first for a self-described "rant" about misogyny and Twilight, and then thanks to a poorly researched article at the Daily Dot. Twitter is full of great commentary at the moment -- Sara Zarr put together a short collection of her (smart as always) thoughts; John and Maureen Johnson had a long discussion with lots of additional comments from other writers/bloggers readers (only the John side of which was added to an updated version of the article, because... feminism?)

Meanwhile, friendly reminder that Jennifer Lynn Barnes already put together a solid scientific analysis of this issue (part one here, two here), and that you can read Kelly Jensen's research for yourself (including all the times she made clear that John Green as a person is not the issue) as well as the smart (and not so smart) commentary on her further discussions of the topic.

Finally, I was also directed to a few posts in which the article's author has had similar issues in the past. I've chosen not to link them here, because there's no use in starting another dog pile; in this case, she has been alternately defensive and apologetic, and you can judge for yourself. She also asked Kelly to "talk more" about it, and Kelly's response is here.


- How do you deal when your career takes a wrong turn? Allison Winn Scotch talks about turning to Plan B. (via Corey Ann Haydu)

- Margaret Atwood shares her ten rules for writing fiction.

- Robin LaFevers has some straight talk on economics and creativity.

- Jenn N. creates a handy guide to feminist critiques of narratives.

- YA Confidential rounds up their best writing advice.

- Bret Ballou at YA Muses helps you set realistic writing metrics.

- Sarah McCarry's excellent "writing with depression" interview series continues.

- A YA writer reveals her NA identity and talks about differences between the two.


- Malinda Lo updates her stellar breakdown of YALSA titles and diversity for 2014.

- Eric Devine shares a gut-wrenching account of what it's like to teach Laurie Halse Anderson's Speak in the classroom.

- GUYS GUYS GUYS the first two chapters of Laini Taylor's Dreams of Gods and Monsters are available on Entertainment Weekly GUYS.

- Vulture encourages you to give in to Tim Riggins-inspired poetry.

- JK Rowling will publish a second novel as Robert Galbraith.

- Francine Pose at the NYT asks, "Do we really need negative reviews?"

- SOHO teen has true confessions from YA bloggers, and Julie at Bloggers[heart]Books shares what she wishes she'd known when she started blogging.

- Congratulations to the LA Times Book Prize finalists!


- Maggie Stiefvater gives you a perfunctory guide to publishing, and Random House Australia presents a guide to getting published.

- Kelly Fiore gives the inside scoop on what it's like to go on submission.

- The NaNoWriMo blog features a conversation about revising NaNo drafts between agent Kristin Nelson and author Stacey Lee.

- Hugh Howey's Author Earnings report has started a lot of discussion, but Sunita at Dear Author takes issue with the way it uses statistics, and Jami Gold takes a look at several recent author earnings studies.

- Beth Kephart looks at the influence of Amazon on a midlist author.

- The Guardian interviews managing director of Penguin General, Joanna Prior, about e-books, cover design, and the glass ceiling.


- Feministing has 6 charts that show how white and male the US media remain. (via Ashlie Atkinson)

- Pippa Biddle highlights the problems with "voluntourism" and the white savior complex.

- A UCLA study shows that diversity makes more money for Hollywood -- whether they want to believe it or not.

- Anil Dash shares the results of not retweeting men for an entire year.


Love Postmodern Jukebox's 1920s New Orleans-style remake of Guns N' Roses' "Sweet Child of Mine."

And Brian Williams raps "Rappers Delight" as part of Jimmy Fallon's "Tonight Show" debut.

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  1. I'm not sure I have the mental energy to click on the first collection of links. I've read previous analysis of mysogyny in YA lit and ... well, my brain still hurts. I talk about this stuff all the time and I guess I'm just tired of it being an issue. *sigh*

    That link about the teacher's experience teaching Speak is difficult to take, but sadly expected. So many teachers are fighting the good fight. Parents and librarians too.


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