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Field Trip Friday: January 31, 2014


You have probably heard, but we'll say it again: We are so side-splittingly, eardrum-shatteringly proud of our own Stephanie Kuehn, who was awarded the Morris Award for best debut YA! Congratulations to all the Youth Media Award winners and nominees, as well as the winners of many awards presented by ALA affiliates.


- Why is it important to address issues like sexual violence in YA? "How else will they know?" says Christa Desir.

- Find out the best and worst ways for authors to spend their money, courtesy of Beth Revis, who also has a must-read post on the value of a book, sunk costs, and knowing when to throw in the towel.

- Lee and Low Books lists 10 resources for writing cross-culturally.

- Josie Leavitt at Shelf Talker warns authors that where you link is important.

- Steph Sinkhorn translates your standard writer Twitter bios.

- Writer and chocolatier Kendra Leighton sent us her post explaining why writing is like making chocolate.


- Rainbow Rowell will be writing two YA graphic novels!

- We get some heated debates going in the YA world, but at least we haven't stabbed anyone over genre differences.

- Andrew Karre outlines his dream of creating a Youth Media Award Civilian Publicity Strike Force.

- What kind of reader are you? A handy infographic has the answer.

- Our own Lee/Lanie Bross's Fates is one of the 15 most anticipated books of February!

- Ruta Sepetys’s Between Shades of Gray has been optioned for film.

- Musician and author Pete Seeger passed away this week at age 94. John Rudolph pays tribute to Seeger's prolific career.


- Janet Reid says agents who encourage you to use editorial services from which they profit are super sketchy. I may have paraphrased a little.

- Agents weigh in on why #askagent chats are great.

- If you're self-publishing, check out Nathan Bransford's advice on choosing a cover, then head over to Chuck Wendig for a reality check in "Self-Publishing Is Not the Minor Leagues."

- An erotica author tops the list of tax cheats in Maryland.

- Publish America is going for another name change.


- There has been an average of one school shooting every other day since the beginning of the year.

- Michelle Goldberg looks at feminism's "toxic tone wars" and asks who is to blame. Yasmin Nair feels Goldberg's piece is "disingenuously framed as if all of this discussion isn’t also about massive amounts of cultural capital." Andrea Smith at Prison Culture points out that the goal for many women of color "is not to avoid toxicity, as if that is even possible, but to dismantle the structures that create toxicity," and Crommunist says the "TL/DR refutation is that the argument is ALWAYS about the bourgeois sentiment being offended."

- Think Progress chronicles the long history of efforts to change the name of the Washington Redsk*ns.

- NPR's Code Switch takes a multi-part look at the demographic shift that will shape the America our kids will live in.

- Atlanta had a bad week but kudos to the teachers that stuck it out in slumber parties with stranded students.

- Laurie Penny has a killer post about why patriarchy hates short-haired women.

- Just wanted to signal boost: Matika Wilbur is seeking to fund the second half of her photographing project, collecting photographic stories from Native people in every tribe in the US.



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  1. That TFIOS trailer... I'm already tearing up and the movie is months away!


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