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Field Trip Friday: January 3, 2014


- What's it like to write television scripts and fiction? Find out in this interview with the lovely and talented Kara Taylor.

- Writer's Digest collects 62 of their top writing articles from the past year.

- Epic Reads authors share their resolutions for the coming year.

- Erin Bowman reflects on the lessons she learned from her debut year, while Jessica Spotswood speaks frankly about learning to manage expectations.

- How do your sleep habits compare to those of the greats?

- "[T]wo weeks ago, after struggling with it basically since I’d started way back in January, I put my book aside." Sarah Dessen on abandoning projects and listening to your gut.

- People love to complain about YA tropes, "[b]ut what I’m actually hearing is, enough teenagers," says Shannon Hale.


- Which is better, book or movie? This infographic settles the debate, while another at Feministing proves that movies with strong female roles make more money.

- Melissa Marr addresses tough questions about rape and recovery in her book Ink Exchange.

- Kelly Jensen and Liz Burns kicked off the new year with YA predictions for 2014.

- Need a new challenge? Ann Morgan read one book from every country in the world (via Housing Works).

- Mallory Ortberg is very excited about the possibility of Dumbledore being a time-traveling Ron. (Comments = also gold. "Also Neville Longbottom is the true Heir of Slytherin (he's pureblood, and WHAT KIND OF ANIMAL HAS A LONG BOTTOM: SNAKES. Boom).")

- Diversity in YA is rebooting their static website to make it easier to access their archives.


- Kate DiCamillo will be the next Ambassador of Young People’s Literature.

- An employee of a small publishing company is sure a writer can get picked up by a better press and asks an ethicist -- where should his/her loyalties lie? (via Sarah Weinman)

- Agents Sarah LaPolla and Natalie Lakosil rounded up their years in queries.

- Holly Root dishes on agenting, her wish list, and her best advice for writers.

- Which publishers are the best at social media? Blogads ranks them with stats.

- Writer Elizabeth Jane Howard, author of the Cazalet Chronicles and former wife of Kingley Amis, has died at the age of 90.


- Chris Kluwe opens up about losing his job in the NFL, likely for defending gay rights.

- Hundreds of students stage a protest as their gay vice principal is forced to resign.

- BuzzFeed has a tear-jerking collection of pictures from Utah's first day of marriage equality.

- Teenage alcohol and tobacco use is at a historic low, according to a recent survey by the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor.


- Sir Patrick Stewart demonstrates how to moo in a British accent.

- Tolkien super fan Stephen Colbert has a cameo in The Desolation of Smaug.

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  1. Great links! I got a kick out of the book vs. movie infographic.

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