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Field Trip Friday: January 17, 2014


- "You’d think that because I was a POC myself, it would be easy to integrate different cultures into my writing. It's not." Lydia Kang takes an honest look at the importance of including diverse characters.

- Janice Hardy has 6 tips for making similar scenes feel different.

- "You cannot recover from writing a terrible book." Courtney Milan has self-publishing advice (much of which is also applicable to traditional); Rachelle Gardner echoes that advice in "Focus on Writing a Great Book."

- PopSugar interviews Nina LaCour about writing YA, inspiration, and her upcoming book Everything Leads To You.

- Writing an unlikable protagonist requires understanding, says Courtney Summers.

- Megan Shepherd shares the lessons she learned from her debut year, over at Adventures in YA Publishing.

- Researchers at Stony Brook University have built statistical models to predict a book's success.

- An author sits in anonymously as a book club discusses his book -- and they're not fans.

- Relevant to naming characters: The HuffPo has an interesting look at name popularity over the years.

- "Unemployed, Miserable Man Still Remembers Teacher Who First Made Him Fall In Love With Writing." It's funny because it's true, even when it's The Onion.


- Emily Asher-Perrin has a defense of Ron Weasley, victim of movie rewrites.

- Sam Anderson and friends pass around a Dan Brown book for shared marginalia. (This succeeded in making me feel bad for Dan Brown, which... I mean, wow.)

- Congratulations to this year's Edgar Award nominees and the National Jewish Book Award winners!


- Fox is reportedly giving James Frey $2 million YA novel that's essentially Hunger Games in space. Meanwhile Sylvia Day signed a $10 million deal..

BRB, rethinking all my life choices ever and also maybe crying a little.

- After turning down a 6-figure traditional deal to self-publish her NA romance, Brenna Aubrey shares her release results. Meanwhile the ladies behind the Moira Rogers moniker break down the math of quiet success.

- Agent Janet Reid doesn't mince words in her post: "Pitch sessions are the spawn of Satan."

- Is it okay for female authors to dress in costumes for events, or is it unprofessional? Delilah Dawson considers.

- Gwenda Bond takes on the challenge of self-promotion while female, prompting Saundra Mitchell to bring back her publicity guides for beginning authors.

- A number of law firms have filed class action lawsuits against Barnes & Noble charging that the company misled investors, while Germany is "currently living through its 'Borders incident,'" and SCBWI shares Nielson numbers that show "the number of teens who say they do not read for fun increased sharply in 2013." Thaaaat's promising.


- Great post from Caitlin Mongillo on being "the blind girl" in high school, over at Disability in KidLit.

- Roswell, New Mexico is the most recent site of a school shooting, where a 12-year-old boy brought his father's sawed off shotgun to school and injured 2 students.

- A new study shows that programs like MTV's "16 and Pregnant" actually reduce rates of teen pregnancy.

- A Star Blanket Cree girl in Saskatchewan was sent home from school for wearing a shirt that says "Got Land? Thank an Indian."

- The (Asian-American) figure skater who finished third in this year's championship will not be going to the Olympics -- but the (white) number four finisher will.

- The NYT has an interactive county-by-county map of poverty in the US.

- CeCe McDonald was released from prison this week, and Laverne Cox was there to meet her.

- Out of the 30,000 students who took the AP Computer Science test last year, less than 20 percent were girls. (via Christina McTighe)

- Ann Friedman looks at how to be powerful, likable, and female. (via Kelly Jensen) Apparently rule number one is "Don't dare tweet twice a day about your experiences with stage 4 breast cancer or else jerks will judge you in international newspapers."

- Oklahoma joins the list of states whose bans on marriage equality have been declared unconstitutional.

- Roger Lloyd Pack, who played Barty Crouch, Sr. in Harry Potter passed away this week at age 69.


Which Muppet are you? (I got Mahna Mahna. I'm "a real chill kid" who's "great at shouting your own name and scatting."  *blink*)

The Colorado Department of Transportation changed their 420 mile marker to 419.99 to deter persistent thieves.

It's alright to cry... Children's authors read bad reviews.

Photographer Francois Brunelle has spent the last 12 years "scouring the world for complete strangers who look alarmingly similar."

not related!

And two Finnish girls are scouring the UK for all their favorite fandom locations. (via Alice)

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  1. Love the round-up! So much I've seen but also so much I've missed! And glad my constant RTs contribute! :)


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