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Field Trip Friday: January 10, 2014


- Dani Shapiro has an open letter for the reader who was angry that her memoir and Google don't match up.

- The WSJ  talks to Russell Blake, a self-published author who's written 25 books in 30 months. (I cannot even.)

- Laura Lam explains how she fits writing into her busy day.

- Justine Larbalestier discusses the importance (or lack thereof) of an author's intentions. (via Malinda Lo)

- Andrea Cremer shares the challenges of continuing to write while dealing with chronic health problems.

- You probably already this, but just in case: Roxanne Gay's "Not Here To Make Friends: On the importance of unlikable female protagonists." PREEEEACH.


- Zetta Elliott compiles a list of 2013's African American literature for teens.

- PolicyMic has 5 female authors to watch in 2014.

- Kelly Jensen's revisiting of the "reductive approach to YA literature" sparked an interesting discussion between her and John Green, which she discusses further on her Tumblr. (She also hooks you up with 60 new titles to look for between now and June!)

- The Millions presents their most anticipated books of 2014.

- Book blogger Reynje takes on the fear of getting a review "wrong" in "Flexing the Critical Muscle."

- Inscription, a magazine for science fiction and fantasy for teens, is looking especially for stories with diverse characters.

- "The rereads ease all the cracks in your heart," says Angie of book blog Angieville.

- Steven Shaw examines the male characters in Laurie Halse Anderson's novels.

- Amanda MacGregor takes a trip down the memory lane of 80s and 90s YA.

- They say truth is stranger than fiction, but stranger than Cormac McCarthy's fiction? Yep.

- BuzzFeed lists 16 books to read before you see the movie, as well as the definitive ranking of all 131 Baby Sitters Club cover outfits. (via Erin Black)

- Congrats to this year's Cybils finalists!


- An opinion piece in the NYT laments the abandonment of mid-list books, "publishing's experimental laboratory." (via Sarah LaPolla)

- The National Book Festival will relocate from the National Mall to a convention center.

- PW profiles a publisher that has no regrets after cutting ties with Amazon. (via @MiriamM23)

- Delilah Dawson clears up 25 "damned dirty lies" about publishing.

- Zola Books purchased Bookish on Monday.

- Janet Reid answered a bunch of questions over the holiday break, including "Does my age affect my chances?" and "Will you remember that I panned your client's book?" (The answer to both is "yes.")

- Amazon is cracking down on "monster porn." (No, YOU'RE crying because Moan For Bigfoot made $30K in one month.)

- Activist and former poet laureate of New Jersey Amiri Baraka died yesterday at age 79.


- The Fearless Fifteeners are having a Mega Launch Giveaway -- books, critiques, and other goodies are up for grabs!


- Hazel at Rookie knocks it out of the park with "Kids Won't Listen: Why I’m sick of articles about teenage girls written by grown-up men." (via Kelly Jensen)

- The 19-year-old charged in the Maryville, MO rape case got 2 years probation for "endangering the welfare of a child" and has to apologize to Daisy Coleman. I'm sure that'll smooth things right over, considering she's in the goddamn hospital after a suicide attempt. (apparently I am finding it difficult to talk about this in a professional manner but I am having rage issues SORRY NOT SORRY.)

*deep breaths*

- Amanda Hess has an important post about why women aren't welcome on the internet (via Kate Spencer). Related, a Toronto man is facing jail time for harassing a woman online. Lindy West explains why that's important.

- Ngọc Loan Trần suggests we not just call people out, but call them in, using "love, compassion, and patience as tools for critical dialogue, fearless visioning, and transformation."

- Apparently suggesting any kind of critical thinking about the Second Amendment will get you fired from gun journalism.

- Aaron Carapella put together a map of the US with its original inhabitants labeled in their own languages.

- I hate linking to the same site more than once per week but BuzzFeed's list of 24 invaluable skills you can learn for free this year is pretty rad.

- Meryl Streep and Emma Thompson. I could say more but that's already awesome enough.


The "Selfie Olympics" are officially the first meme of 2014 (and probably the best). (via Justina Ireland)

Cards Against Humanity is like a super offensive version of Apples to Apples. Ladies Against Humanity takes it a step further.


Also, The Rumpus has the best literary puns ever.


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  1. I could spend an entire day reading all these amazing links. Geesh, I just spent a half hour on two! Thanks though. :) Happy Friday.

    1. Yeah, this feature would be really hard to do weekly if I weren't a speed reader! Thanks for reading! :)


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