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Field Trip Friday: December 6, 2013


Congratulations to our very own Stephanie Kuehn and her debut novel Charm and Strange, nominated for the 2014 William C. Morris Award, and our very own Veronica Roth, whose Allegiant is the Goodreads Choice for Best YA Fantasy!

Also, Amazon plans to use delivery drones. (Waterstones counters with owl post, while Walmart installs surface-to-air roof missiles.)


- Best. The Writing Life: An Adventure Story from Patricia C. Wrede (via Phoebe North)

- Paralyzed by plot? Janet Fox combines five methods into one chart.

- N.K. Jemisin takes on the recent concern trolling about "gratuitous" diversity.

- What does your favorite punctuation mark say about you? ("|: What is this thing? How do you use it in a sentence? It looks like a stripper pole for apostrophes.")


- "All lazy book reviews are essentially the same: they reflect a reviewer’s inability, or perhaps refusal, to fully engage with the writer’s project on the book’s own terms." ~ from Natalie Bakopoulos at The Millions

- Daughter of Smoke and Bone has a director and producer!!

- Tired of the usual gift-giving guides? Check out Pam Coughlan's 150 ways to give a book. (via Kelly Jensen)

- Join our friends Katy Upperman, Tracey Neithercott, Jessica Love, and Alison Miller for their annual YA Superlative Blogfest!

- Highwayer Lee Bross is part of the brand new YA Series Insiders blog!

- The Guardian reports 62% of young adults prefer printed to e-books.

- Forever Young Adult has a good collection of Catching Fire-related links, while the Harry Potter Alliance has launched "Odds In Our Favor," an action network against economic inequality.

- The Bad Sex in Fiction Award goes to Manil Suri's The City of Devi.

- Lots of lists to catch up on:


- Joanna Volpe has part two of her series on educating yourself about royalty statements.

- Do you know enough to send a query? Take Janet Reid's quiz and find out.

- Victoria Marini on what you deserve from an agent and how to manage entitlement and expectations.

- You do not need an agent to send your queries to an agent, explains Jennifer Laughran.

- The world's most valuable book sells for $14.16 million. (via Alice


- PulseIt is giving away books every day in December!

- The YA Fusion blog team is giving a shout-out for their favorite charities/nonprofits to spread the word about #GivingTuesday. Stop by and share your charity recommendation to be entered in their book bounty giveaway!


- The Brain Scoop's Emilie Graslie addresses the challenges faced by female creators.

- A New York Film Academy inforgraphic examines gender inequality in film.

- The superintendent of Steubenville Schools and three other adults have been indicted in the cover up of the rape of a local girl.

- Nolan Feeney at The Atlantic explains why Katy Perry's "Geisha-style" AMA performance needs to be called out

- Jami Nesbitt Golden on why the sexual assault of black girls is not a joke. (You know what was? That "hilarious" "live" tweeting of a woman upset by flight delays on Thanksgiving. The one that was a hoax.)

- Laurel Snyder considers the benefits of letting children be sad.


I love few things more than Noelle Stevenson's Hunger Games comics.

Except maybe these novelist error messages, courtesy of Maggie Stiefvater.

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  1. Lots of good stuff - You outdid yourself this week, Kate! It'll take me all weekend to follow all these links. Thanks so much for sharing the YA Fusion #GivingTuesday post/giveaway.

  2. So much to read! Thanks for the credit, but mostly THANK YOU for linking to that Katy Perry performance article. I didn't even see the performance, but when I heard I was like "Oh, here we go with the whole 'But it's just appreciation! You're so sensitive!' defenses." There will never be enough well-articulated explanations for why it's not. :P


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