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Field Trip Friday: December 20, 2013


- Ann Bauer takes on "The Conversation We Never Have" about writers, money, and privilege. (via Nova Ren Suma)

- "Saying 'I was lucky' cheapens the work you’ve done, and it cheapens the work of other authors." Meagan Spooner squashes the impulse to attribute your success to luck, with additional smart commentary from Malinda Lo.

- Zetta Elliott and Ibi Aanu Zoboi discuss race in YA, pointing out that "black girls hunger for heroes too."

- "Sympathetic magic is one of the most amazing, wonderful and mysterious things about being a reader." Lovely post from Elizabeth Wein for The Booksmugglers (via Rachel Hawkins).

- The Atlantic rounds up the year's best writing advice.

- "Apparently, for both children and children’s authors, silence is golden. Or maybe it’s not authors. Maybe it’s women. Maybe women saying things online makes us itchy. Or maybe women saying things at all." Kelly Barnhill's killer post on the impossibility of separating your world view from your work.


- J. K. Rowling is going to co-produce a play about Harry Potter's early years. (via Liesl Shurtliff)

- Reaction to the Fault In Our Stars movie poster was mixed, but Kate Spencer explains why its controversial tagline works for her.

- The Lucky 13s share the first lines of their upcoming 2014 books.

- I'm a few weeks late, but Diana Peterfreund has an explanation of the problem with the RITA awards' YA category. Since there won't be an award this year, Smart Bitches rounds up their readers' nominees (via Kelly Jensen).

- Hyperallergic looks at the children's lit that escaped censorship in 1920s Russia (via Michelle Andelman).

- Kelly Jensen does the stats on her own reading for the year, per the suggestion of our own Sarah Enni.

- Is middle grade really an adult reading trend? PW investigates.

- This week's "Best Of" lists:

Edited to add: Late Thursday night, reports surfaced on social media that YA author Ned Vizzini had passed away. The LA Times confirms Friday afternoon that Vizzini committed suicide in Brooklyn yesterday. What a horrible loss for the YA community. Our thoughts are with his family, friends, and fans.


- The WaPo reports that independent bookstores are alive and well.

- Julia Weber has your dos and don'ts for pitch contests.

- Bustle profiles Lauren Oliver and Lexa Hillyer, the brains behind Paper Lantern Lit.

- Should you query your dream agent first? Janet Reid has advice.

- Writer Beware looks at a new agency with an unusual model.


- Shia LeBeouf plagiarized another writer, then plagiarized his apology for said plagiarism.

- Jamilah Lemeiux says it's time to stop kidding ourselves about R. Kelly and his history as a sexual abuser.

- Sarah Nicole Prickett makes the argument for calling it "dick culture" instead of rape culture. (via Kate Spencer)

- Designer Kevin Conboy shares the exchange of texts with his son, a student at Arapahoe High School in Colorado, during its school shooting on the anniversary of Sandy Hook. (via Lauren Beukes)

- Be sure to scroll through the #NotYourAsianSidekick hashtag for your weekly racism reality check.

- A Boston Globe reporter's coverage of -- and subsequent relationship with -- two local teens is one of the best things you'll read this week. (via Robyn LaRue)

- A college student will become the youngest ever member of the Mississippi House of Representatives.

- No high-level US officials will be part of the Winter Olympics delegation -- but three openly gay athletes are going..

- Daily Show correspondent Jessica Williams's piece on the real life Hunger Games is spot on.

- Headline of the week: "Teens break into lavish mansion, party, leave with stuffed leopard."

- Vulture has an oral history of the "suck and blow" scene from Clueless.

- Grub Street has tips for surviving a world without Sriracha.


Peanuts flash mob

Have a happy holiday break, and don't forget to join us for our Holiday Road Trip and next week's 2013 Year End Round Up!

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  1. For some reason, I decided to only read the heartfelt, sad and sappy stories (dad text messages, Boston Globe reporter) and now i'm teary eyed on a Saturday morning. THANKS KATE. ;)


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