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Field Trip Friday: December 13, 2013


- After choreography, writing is the most competitive career in the US -- just above sports. (via Rae Carson)

- Your writing career is a small business, not a marriage, explains Melissa Marr.

- Laini Taylor has tips for making the most of a writing retreat.

- Jennifer Miller discusses judging an author by their photo. (via Jennifer Arena)

- "Not everyone is going to like the thing you made, and that's okay," says Wil Wheaton.

- Ann M. Martin looks back on almost 30 years of The Baby Sitters Club.

- Agent Gemma Cooper gives tips on how to proceed after finishing NaNo.

- The Hairpin interviews NPR's Linda Holmes about writing for the internet:
"I've said a bunch of times that the best thing about the kind of job I have is that I'm always partially doing what I enjoy, even when I'm working, and the worst thing is that I'm always partially working, even when I'm doing what I enjoy. I think at some point, you just kind of get to the point where you're at peace with that fact, and as long as you're happy and you're not burning yourself out, you'd be a fool not to realize that it's a very fortunate way to live."
- And Mo Willems on writing for the reluctant reader:
"Your book is your shield. If they’re walking around yelling 'BANANA!,' a parent will say stop. But if they have a book and they’re yelling it, they are engaging in high-frequency words."


- Philip Pullman disagrees with the University of Kent's dichotomy between "real" literature and children's.

- Slate has "Women Writers on Reading Literature's 'Midcentury Misogynists.'

- Gawker says smarm is bad. Travis Mushett says, "[N]o shit. But can we quit pretending that snark is an adequate response?"

- Stephen King joined Twitter this week. He already has almost 200K followers.

- This week's installment of "Best Of" lists:

- And some dissection of lists:


- All of publishing girds itself for Meg Ryan's upcoming sitcom role as a NYC editor.

- Joanna Volpe warns that decisions you make at the query stage have long-term repercussions.

- Amy Spalding explains why it's not a good sign if a publisher says agents are a bad thing.


- "Teen who killed four while driving drunk spared jail because his rich parents spoiled him."

- Michigan is passing what many are calling a "rape insurance" bill.

- Twitter changed the way its block feature works.  Colleen Lindsay's feed from Thurs evening explains why it wasn't that big a change, but Twitter announced the same evening that it has reverted to the old method.

- The sign language interpreter who "was widely criticized as a fake" after Nelson Mandela's funeral says he was having a schizophrenic episode.

- Brookings explains why comparing US students to Shanghai's is statistically unsound. (via Pete Simon)

- Reactions have been mixed, but Policy Mic has the "28 Most Iconic Feminist Moments of 2013."

- The Friday Night Lights movie is officially dead.

- Two must read articles of the week: The NYT profile of 11-year-old Dasani, whose family is essentially homeless in New York, and Jenny Kutner's account in Texas Monthly of having had an illicit affair with her 8th grade teacher (via Nova Ren Suma).

- New Beyonce album. Boom.


This kindergartner took it upon herself to sign an entire holiday concert for her deaf parents.

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