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Field Trip Friday: November 8, 2013


chart: NYT bestseller list by gender
Friend o' the blog Kelly Jensen lit up the Twitterverse and blogosphere this week with her two-part series on gender and the New York Times bestseller list. Both days provoked extended discussion between prominent YA authors.

(Somewhat tangentially-related: The Toast's "Male Novelist Jokes" and the five days of comments it has inspired.)


- Thank goodness for Stephanie Perkins and her unflinching honesty about the realities of writing with depression.

- Landscape isn't just something you see, it's something you hear. (via Kathy Quimby)

- Robin LeFevers shares 18 tips to produce words when your muse has packed up and left.

- A good reminder to be kind to yourself, from Jenny Perinovic. (via Laura Tims)

- How do you revise a poem? Carmen Giménez Smith has 22 poem hacks. (via Sherman Alexie)

- In a love-hate relationship with NaNo? Linda Holmes at NPR says it's not just the doing of it, but the saying of the doing of it, and Ilima Todd has "Ten Things I Hate About NaNoWriMo," Julia Stiles-style.

- Ammi-Joan Paquette shares what it's like to release 4 books in one year (not even counting her agenting duties!).


- Halloween is over, Christmas decorations are already going up... must be time for the "year's best" lists!

- Paper Lantern Lit looks at why we love (and love to hate on) love triangles.

- Librarians are "enraged" (really, THR?) about the loose leaf materials included in J.J. Abrams's new book. (via Andrew Shaffer)

- Check out Random House's infographics about how teens read.

- Flavorwire put together a list of "50 Incredibly Tough Books for Extreme Readers." (I've read a whopping four.)

- Debbie Reese has resource picks for Native American History Month (and year round).

- Malinda Lo crunches the numbers on this year's LGBT books.

- Allende's House of the Spirits faces a challenge in a North Carolina school district.

- Gillian Berry has possibly the ultimate guide for converting YA doubters into believers.

- GUYS. THIS IS THE OPPOSITE OF THE POINT. Hunger Games theme parks possibly in the works (via Myra McEntire).


- Diversity is still a publishing problem, but does the answer lie with the gate keepers? Lee and Low interviews literary agents to see why the problem persists.

- Sarah Ockler dispels 16 common myths about pursuing traditional publishing.

- "It’s not always kumbaya-‘round-the-fire in Editorial Agent Land," says Molly Jaffa, with a few truths about how writer/editorial agent relationships work.

- Mashable says Pinterest drives more traffic to publishers than Twitter, Reddit, and Linkedin combined.

- Elizabeth Wein takes a closer look at who actually buys (and reads) YA.


- Colin Woodard explores what shape a North America divided by attitudes toward violence might take.

- Writing about millennials? The Atlantic has a how-to (not) guide.

- A young writers program gives students on the Pine Ridge and Rosebud Reservations a chance to make their voices heard. (via Dawn Moves Camp)

- A letter from a Millsaps College student to "Operation Save America," who attempted to storm the campus for a protest.

- "Black life is not valued in America, not worthy, not respected." Protesters want justice for Renisha McBride, an African-American teen shot in the face for knocking on a man's door for help after a car accident.

- West Point hosted its first wedding between two men.

- Headline pretty much says it all: "New Zealand Teen Rape Club Is The Worst Thing You'll Read About Today." (via Rainbow Rowell)  Related: Lots of debate about this "Anti-Rape Wear" Indiegogo project.

- Opponents are trying to overturn a new California law that "protects transgender student rights."

- A Coachella Valley High School's alumni association says their stereotyped Arab mascot is "a tribute to the region's date fruit industry." (via Jennifer Zobair)

- Marvel Comics is introducing a Muslim girl superhero!

- Stanford students are supposed to be really smart but even they can't resist a kissing party in the name of avoiding mono and flu.

- Several days late, but a few reminders that sugar skulls and Dia de los Muertos costumes are also cultural appropriation. (In full disclosure, this is a mistake that several of us made as a group at SCBWI a few years ago. Can only apologize for myself, and promise to keep learning.)


Cool collections: BuzzFeed has inspirational writing quotes and looks at the European etymological roots of six common words (spoiler: pineapple makes no sense), and Bored Panda has fully-costumed cosplayers photographed in their homes (via Lara Ehrlich).

Mallory Ortberg examines the rise and fall of fox civilization in Disney films.

Middle school football players go behind their coaches back to change a teammate's life. (via Jessica Regel)

So um Renesmee was horrifying enough on her own, but... (via Leah Clement)

The Russian police cover "Get Lucky." Yes, all those words are in the right order.

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