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Field Trip Friday: October 18, 2013


- "Repetition is the death of magic," says Bill Watterson in a rare interview.

- Kristen Lippert-Martin practices for her book release by wearing an "ask me about my book" badge to Disney World.

- Philip Hensher's refusal to write for free is causing controversy.

- "Male writers get asked what they think, women what they feel," says 2013 Man Booker-prize winner Eleanor Catton.

- A viral post or picture does you no good if your name isn't attached, as exemplified by Wendy Thomas and the mammo-graham cookies (via Janet Reid).


- Congratulations to the nominees for this year's National Book Award!

- Lauren Zurchin Studios has put together a calendar full of your favorite YA fantasy authors.

- CNN gets on the YA bandwagon with a brief history of young adult literature.

- The Boston Globe reports on the "new breed" of teen-services librarians.

- Love this: Buzzfeed asks 28 NYCC cosplayers about their favorite books.


- What's it like to get "the call" from an editor? Lindsey Lane shares her story.

- The WaPo discusses what Jane Austen and Walter Scott can teach us about copyright.

- Janet Reid has answered lots of common questions this week, including how to format your manuscript and what to expect from your agent while on submission to editors.

- Kate Testerman explains what to do when an agent says they are up to date on responses... but you haven't gotten yours.


- Want to be part of a book? Paula Stokes wants to put YOU in The Art of Lainey!

- Don't forget about YA Highway's Halloween giveaway!


- 16-year-old Pakistani woman Malala Yousafzai was passed over for the Nobel Peace Prize, but still had the cojones to ask laureate Barack Obama to stop drone attacks in her country.

- Daisy Coleman, a Missouri 14-year-old, was raped and left for dead, but charges were dropped against the confessed rapist -- and then her mother was fired, she was kicked off the cheerleading squad, and her house was burned down. The story was broken by the Kansas City Star and Anonymous is putting pressure on authorities to investigate further; Daisy tells the story in her own words at xoJane.

- "We need to raise the bar on being an ally," says Ana de Leon at Bitch.

- Cord Jefferson at Gawker has an insightful take on Kanye West's "crazy" interview with Jimmy Kimmel.

- How should you respond to cat calls? Hannah Price takes a picture.

- Twitter is removing the "follow back" requirement for direct messages (on an opt-in basis).


Do Facebook's ever-changing privacy policies confuse you? Practice with the Facebook Security Simulator. (Dancing Zuckerman made my day.)

Our girl Steph Kuehn recommends this video of a cat and a rat becoming friends. (caution: autoplay)

I made it through about 50 seconds of this video before second-hand embarrassment did me in, but props to Elizabeth Berkley for embracing the "I'm So Excited" episode of Saved By The Bell. (via Shannon Messenger)

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  1. My Art of Lainey contest was actually last week (I probably should have submitted to you sooner) but I still appreciate the shout-out <3 Emz Chang was my lucky winner and I am writing her into my First Pass Pages right now :-)

  2. Malala is amazing! Also, the YA fantasy author calendar is really cool.


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