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Guest Post: Power of the Pumpkin by Bekah Berge

Today we're pleased to welcome Bekah Berge, who writes YA historical fantasy with unhealthy amounts of coffee and the occasional spot of tea. 

Pumpkin Season by Liz West

It’s time to Fall into writing. The leaves are changing; pumpkin butter is back (finally). In fact, pumpkin everything is back. So why not channel what I like to call "the power of the pumpkin"?

P – Prepare Caffeine
Preparing the caffeine for the day is vital. Whether it’s coffee, tea, soda, chai latte, pick your poison, it’s time to energize! Giving the mind that extra boost of energy can help your mind focus and sharpen. For a few fun and inventive ideas to spice up your energy, check out All Recipes or the Food Network.

U – Undisturbed Hobbit Hole Location
Undisturbed hobbit hole, or wherever strikes your fancy, but it’s all about location. Location, location, location. I cannot reiterate enough how important it is to be comfortable while writing. You will be sitting in the same position for the next four, six plus hours. So burrow in and disappear to the far off lands that your imagination inhabits, in comfort. Need inspiration? Check Pinterest!

M – Materials
Materials. You can’t write without your tools. Get the computer’s power cord, paper, pens, a chisel and hammer if that helps, and get to work.

P – Plot. Plan. Put into Action
Writers are exceptional at this because it is essentially, daydreaming. One of my favorite articles on plotting comes directly from last year’s NaNoWriMo on YA Highway.

K – Karaoke (just kidding . . . maybe) but music is a must
Okay you don’t actually have to sing but it’s all about the music. Music feeds our souls and illuminates scenes that we’re writing, making them burst into a wild force that grips the readers, taking them along for the ride. There’s something about a certain beat or tune that can graciously grant you the inspiration you need. It’s magic. Here’s a Spotify Playlist to help ignite the fire: Pumpkin, Pumpkin what's your function?

I – Intention
Set daily goals for yourself when you write. I guarantee you that having a goal to push towards, small or large, makes a massive difference in what you actually get accomplished that day. Pick a word count, pick a number of pages, but pick something.

And now, for a laugh.

N – Nourishment
Nourish thy self. Caffeine only gets you so far. Don’t forget to eat. It’s a great idea to have energy building snacks around for a quick grab so you can get back into the story. I often get so lost in writing that eight hours will go by, and all of a sudden, I realize I forgot to eat. Then I binge because I’m starving. So eat.

These seven steps have helped me immensely in the past and I always find that having some semblance of a routine helps me sit down and get those words on the page. Who knew the power of the pumpkin was useful for more than just tasty bread?


Bekah Berge is frequently found on the beach with a pile of books and the ever-essential sunhat, in Southern California with her dog Marvin. She blogs at and tweets at @Inknpaperz.

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