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Field Trip Friday: September 6, 2013


- "The worst time in any writer's life is the two months before publication," says Anne Lamott (via Malinda Lo).

- Laurie Halse Anderson is hosting her annual Write Fifteen Minutes a Day challenge.

- What do you do when you fall out of love with a project? Captain Awkward to the rescue.

- Watch out for these 4 big pitfalls in story openings, courtesy of K.M. Weiland.


- Shae sent us this adorable post: "Things I've Learned From Books," with help from several authors.

- Meg Medina, author of Yaqui Delgado Wants to Kick Your Ass, was uninvited from a school visit because her title includes the A-word.

- School Library Journal rounds up the recent and upcoming crop of page to screen blockbusters.

- Kerry Winfrey writes in defense of YA romance.

- At Forever Young Adult, Stephanie Scott talks about travelling and understanding the world, one book at a time.

- Buzzfeed has 12 signs you're really into your book.

- 50 Shades casting is apparently causing fans to riot. Or at least petition.


- Amazon announces Kindle MatchBook, a program that "lets its customers buy the electronic versions of books they have already purchased in print form for either $2.99, $1.99, $0.99 or free."

- Not gonna lie: I have lost track of what's happening in the sci fi community debacle. Apparently John Scalzi won a Hugo and that means the world is ending or something, IDK. But Madline Ashby has an interesting post about WorldCon and the "youth problems" it faces.

- Sherman Alexie encourages authors to spend a day hand-selling at their local indie bookstore.

- In a post that's since been edited, Nathan Bransford asks for a change in culture at Goodreads. Mike Mullin is unamused.

- Mallory Ortberg lists the ten writers whose success you'll resent this year.

- Seamus Heaney, 1995 Nobel laureate in literature, passed away last Friday, and Sarah Rees Brennan has a nice remembrance of the Irish poet.

- Ann Crispin, one of the founders of Writer Beware, passed away this morning.


- A Facebook-popular post this week chastised teenage girls for posting revealing selfies, and inspired a slew of pissed off responses. Mine was super short, but Gennifer Albin said she's "sick of reading about how to 'fix girls,'" while Jennifer Gottlieb wrote an open letter to girls who don't always wear bras. Untypically Jia writes about having been a 15-year-old slut; Summer Kinard deconstructs the argument from a Christian viewpoint (via Lindsey Culli), Marissa McPeck-Stringham has a killer parody, and Morgan at xoJane points out, "If you want your kid not to do drugs, you’re probably not going to track down all the neighborhood dealers and tell them not to sell to your child; you’re going to tell your kid not to do drugs."

- Soraya Chemaly examines the six ways we talk about a girl's age.

- When your child's tribal citizenship is dependent on percentages, who can you marry? Adrienne Keene revisits the question of love in the time of blood quantum. (Related: Michelle Reid lists the top 10 ways NOT to respond to Indigenous experiences of racism.)

- When you're the only POC in the room, what's your responsibility to correct asinine comments (or honest misunderstandings)? Lauren Lyons takes an important look at "The Curious Conundrum of the Code-Switching Tokenized Teacher."

- Not publishing related, but perhaps helpful: The WaPo answers 9 questions about Syria you were too embarrassed to ask.

- All Tech Considered attempts to explain Facebook's once again changing privacy policies.


The YA Rebels are rebooting and they need five new vloggers!

I am probably going to hell for how hard I laughed at this.

Have a good weekend!

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  1. I'm loving the 15 minutes a day challenge. It works. <3<3<3


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