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Field Trip Friday: September 27, 2012


Banned Books Week is drawing to a close, and there's no shortage of justification for its existence. Angie Manfredi wants you to take the "Stand Up for Yaqui Delgado" pledge, and Beth Revis shares the lesser-known kind of banning that includes sentences like "It's not consensual sex? Well, that's okay." Tim Federle discusses his dis-invitation from several schools -- including his own junior high -- and Kelly Jensen takes a look at the bannings that have occurred just over the past month.

Meanwhile, Goodreads lit a match and burned down the internet. (Unexpected bonus: Finding the delightfully sassy LibraryThing's Twitter feed.)


- A simple and brilliant explanation for "why it is bad, even despicable, to take a character who was originally a character of color and make them white. But why it can be positive to take a character who was originally white and make them a character of color."

- Laini Taylor has a loooovely post comparing writing to making art with found objects.


- Stephen King says there's nothing like your first time. Getting scared, that is. (via April C. Rose)

- Yet again, a literary character quiz reveals that I am Hermione. Who are you? (via Kristin Otts)

- Sometimes I re-share individual links from Stacked's "Links of Note," but the most recent roundup was too full of good stuff to divide.

- YA Highway is sorry to see the Paper Tigers blog end, and sends best wishes to the BookChic as she starts chemo.

- Roxane Gay takes a look at representation in literary criticism again this year, and doesn't find much progress.

- Mallory Ortberg goes through the stages of accepting that Go Ask Alice wasn't real.

- Buzzfeed has a very helpful pictorial explanation of the difference between a hardcover and a hardback (attn: Divergent fans).


- Author David Gilmour says a bunch of ignorant stuff about female authors to which I shall not link, but Brenna Clarke Gray says he is shallow, misguided, and wrong, and Copil Yanez isn't replying directly, but his response to the "Ask-A-Dude" feature question, "Men. Ughhhhhhhhh! What the hell?" is right on.

- A New Adult author's new release turns out to be suspiciously similar to a popular Twilight fanfic. Dear Author uses the case to explain copyright, intellectual property, and why the author is in the wrong, while Smart Bitches Trash Books creates the plagiarism workout. Meanwhile, fic isn't the only place plagiarism is causing problems: Poet CJ Allen withdraws from the Forward Prize shortlist after admitting to plagiarism in some of his earlier work.

- Oyster, an e-reading startup that offers an all-you-can-read e-book subscription model, launched last week.

- "When in doubt, CC: YOUR AGENT," says Jennifer Laughran.

- Agent Sarah LaPolla shares the things that make her want to unfollow you on Twitter.

- Want to know what agents and editors are looking for? Check out the Manuscript Wish List (#MSWL), its video companion (#MSWLW), or the roundup at GalleyCat.


- A few of the ladies from Forever Young Adult are helming "Forever Fest": A Celebration of Girlie Pop Culture, to take place in Austin if you support their Kickstarter!

- High school students across the country contributed to the photography project called "My Hometown," with some stellar results.

- There's a little bit of debate as to whether this is intended to help make diversity "the norm or just a spectacle," but I am 100% pro-step teams on the runway and pretty much everywhere else.

- A Utah football coach suspended the entire team to teach a lesson in moral character and pride.

- Former President George H.W. Bush was an official witness at a same-sex wedding in Maine.

- "You can't protect children by lying," says Meg Rosoff.

- YouTube is introducing new measures to control the cesspool that is their comments section.

- Sadly, it turns out that Horse_Ebooks is a real person.


Notice to family: I have added these Grammar Grumble mugs to my Christmas list.

These kids put together an ass-kicking cover of Tool's "46 and 2." (via Andrew Money)

Everything is Fallon and nothing hurts.

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  1. I got Hermione on the personality test, too! Also, that football team is great.

    Sara at The Page Sage

  2. So, this is interesting. I also got Hermione, as I so often do. But I wondered if that was just because I'm female and maybe within this quiz there there are fewer female literary options. So, I changed the gender to male but left every other answer the same. Who did I get?

    Sherlock Holmes. Which is kind of scary and awesome at the same time.

    I wonder what everyone else's would be if they chose both male and female. :)


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