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Field Trip Friday: September 20, 2013


- Aliette de Bodard has great tips for writing about cultures that aren't yours.

- 25 ways to plot, plan, and prep your story, courtesy of Chuck Wendig.

- Carol Kaufman gives scientific reasons for why you should write outside.

- "Most of us who have been girls learn quick about loss, about yielding; but what if instead of going Juliet we turned our bloody-minded anger outward?" asks Sarah McCarry in "Seven Ways of Thinking About Medea."


-Weiner! vs! Franzen! Who will win? (Favorite comment: "This is like the most boring rap battle.") (Favorite response article is not the one linked, but the one at The Toast.)

- Bienvenidos to new blog Latin@s in Kid Lit!

- School's in full swing and you know what that means: time to ban books. A North Carolina district banned National Book Award winner Invisible Man, while Rainbow Rowell was uninvited from speaking at a large Minnesota school district. NPR discusses why ugly stories matter, and Book Riot cautions gatekeepers that "life preservers often come to misfits in the form of books" (and also hits the nail on the head with "Eleanor & Park is a deconstructed, reconstructed, blasted wide open and completely revolutionized John Hughes movie in novel form"). Andrew Karre rails against the counting of profanities as a measure of worth, summing up the argument with "This is the post-literate world of book challengers ... and that shit can go straight to fucking hell."

- Penguin's Guillermo del Toro-curated classic horror series gets cool new covers. Meanwhile James Franco is on the cover of As I Lay Dying and everything is terrible. Book Riot suggests we just put Franco on ALL the covers.

- Daniel Radcliffe says it's unlikely the original Potter cast will be in JK Rowling's new movie.

- The National Book Award Longlist came out Monday, while School Library Journal posted their mock Printz short list (which includes our very own Stephanie Kuehn!)


- James Patterson will give $1 million during the next year to independent bookstores.

- HarperCollins editor Jill Davis explains how writing parody songs of Family Circle articles led to a career in publishing (and gives helpful advice to writers, too).

- "The opposite of success is learning," says agent Rachelle Gardner.

- Vermont College of Fine Arts and Barry Goldblatt Literary announce the creation of The Angela Johnson Scholarship, a talent-based grant for writers of color attending the MFA in Writing for Children & Young Adults Master of Fine Arts program. The $5,000 scholarship will be awarded to up to two students annually.


- C. D. Hermelin shares the experience of becoming a "hipster meme" after a photo of him typing on a park bench went viral.

- A federal court says Facebook "liking" is protected as free speech.

- That "Playboy's consensual guide to a good time" was actually a genius hack.

- "And if she asks me if she can be a princess, I’ll tell her no, that’s not how the laws of succession work. But if she wants to pretend, well then, sure. That’s okay with me." I just really liked Phoebe North's post on dreams for her daughter.

- SNL's new desk anchor will be Cecily Strong! (IDK why I felt very invested in this decision, but I did.)

- David Brothers points out, in the wake of the Miss America pageant and subsequent backlash, that "nine times out of ten, more column inches are devoted to how racists react to them, and then occasionally how they react to the racist, instead of their actual accomplishments."

- Ottawa musician Ian Campeau had to file a complaint with Ontario Human Rights Tribunal before a local football team would change its racist name (via @deejayndn).

- Flavorwire says Twitter verification is the new gated community.

- "It has been both humbling and challenging, but I'm happy to report that I am officially a high school graduate, having received my diploma this summer," says 42-year-old Mark Wahlberg. Yes, that Mark Wahlberg.


- YA Fusion interviews songwriter Terry Burns and they're giving away an album!

- Teen dot com is giving away a trip to the TFIOS set!


"Humans are good at a lot of things, but putting time in perspective is not one of them." These charts will help.

Sure, you cosplay one side of the fairy tale couple, but can you do both? This guy can.

Maybe best headline of the week: "Woman Tired Of Listening To The Eagles, Stabs Roommate."

And this is an otter playing dead.

Have a good weekend!

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  1. Aww. Yay for Marky-Mark :-) One can only hope he got the degree because he's preparing to go to college somewhere nearby ;-) *goes back to school for the tenth time*

    FTF always keeps me up-to-date on the news worth knowing and frequently makes my weekend (That otter! <333) Thanks for all your hard work.

  2. Thanks for sharing the YA Fusion link/giveaway. I hadn't seen the mock Printz list yet. Thanks for all your time on this!

  3. Yes, YA Fusion is great share. This is worth spending time on the stuff you made.
    Thank You !

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