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I've been going through some Major Life Changes lately, each one a direct result of my choice to emphasize creativity in myself, every day. On top of changing day jobs and getting serious about revisions on my current WiP, I set out to do something I've always meant to do: learn guitar.

My first lesson was nerve-wracking. I hadn't realized how long it had been since I'd tried something totally new.

But when I sat down in a tiny studio with my new axe sensei, the first thing he said made me smile. "You have to call yourself a guitar player," he told me. "You're a guitar player. And being a guitar player means you play a little, every day."

Sound familiar?

His words of wisdom were so exactly on par with the kind of inspiration and encouragement I hear all the time in the writing community ("If you're writing, you're a writer. Write every day") that I was immediately put at ease. For how different every creative person is, we all have the same driving principles.

So though writing can often be a lonely, isolating endeavor, remember that there are so many people struggling with the same creative challenges as you are. Some with words, some with instruments, some with paints, clay, or their own bodies. The same guidance steers us all: Name yourself, own up to your creative self, and work at it every day, however you can.

Now excuse me while I go grow some callouses.

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  1. Thanks for the reminder. I found that once I gave myself permission to say (even internally) "I'm a writer," somehow it made my stealing a few minutes for my novel legit.

  2. That is a great reminder! I forget this sometimes. I've always been a writer. But I picked up the guitar last year and have to really think of myself as a guitar player.


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