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Field Trip Friday: August 9, 2013


- s.e. smith looks at the myth of the crazy creative.

- Janice Hardy has a tip for getting to know your character -- and your plot.

- I really like this post from Ally Condie about turning in a draft.

- If you're a 2015 debut author, head over to The Freshman Fifteens!

- "Part of me would like to make an individual book for each and every child I come across, draw careful sweet portraits of all the Trayvons, Sams, Chitras, Sheilas, and Sadias. But I am less interested in that simple mirroring than in making stories that define the kinds of communities in which those children will grow up." Important piece from Christopher Myers at The Horn Book. (And on a related note, our girl Stephanie Kuehn wrote a great post on compassion, blame, and feeling responsible.)

- Apparently a book by Blake Snyder is to blame for every movie following the exact same formula. Nathan Bransford says this isn't an apocalypse for writers -- it's an opportunity.

- Kim Triedman helps you prepare your loved ones before they read the s-e-x scenes in your book.

- Agent Natalie Lakosil suggests the "plot dot test" for revising.

- "No matter how much of your heart and soul you pour into your work, it is not a horcrux." Kathleen Peacock shares three important things she learned in art school.

- SCBWI's 2013 Summer Conference took place last weekend, and you can catch up on all the keynotes, advice, and other goodies on their blog.

- GET READY: WriteOnCon starts Monday!


- Ally Carter points out that if you want YA books to become movies, you have to support those movies when they're released.

- Laurie Halse Anderson is adapting Speak to graphic novel with Emily Carroll of Into the Woods providing illustrations.

- Bookshelves of Doom breaks down your options for book recommendation engines.

- Zoë Marriott looks at the various ways that readers have entitlement issues regarding authors.

- Ron Charles reports on the mini-trend of exploding roses on book covers and how the photographer gets the effect.

- The Hub put together a guide to YA novels with LGBTQ characters (with more suggestions from Malinda Lo in the comments).

- Disability in YA wrapped up last week, and they've created a book list tagged with specific issues, with explanation for inclusion here.

- Guys, NO, this is the OPPOSITE of what you're supposed to do: Florida school offers "real-life" Hunger Games camp.


- "Imagine a town where every single building is related to the books business." Welcome to South Korea’s Paju Bookcity.

- Agent Janet Kobobel Grant explains two things an agent isn't.

- The Justice Department "wants Apple to terminate existing book deals and compete on price."

- Ever wonder how a publishing auction works? Rachelle Gardner breaks down the terminology, and Virginia Boecker has a really cute post, complete with gifs, about the recent auction for her book, The Witch Hunter.

- "For the love of godiva," says Janet Reid, "post your email address!" (Also, make sure your name is somewhere easy to find!)

- Catherine Onder is moving from senior editor at Disney-Hyperion to editorial director at Bloomsbury Children's.

- The Washington Post is being purchased by Jeff Bezos, founder and chief executive of Amazon.


- "[T]here’s the very real danger that “succeeding” will take up your whole life, while the big questions go untended." George Saunders gives Syracuse grads a memorable graduation speech.

- Twitter is rolling out new rules in response to threats against women.

- Ah, back to school, that time of year when retailers sell t-shirts with infantilizing, sexist comments to girls.

- In the wake of Russia's sweeping anti-gay legislation, George Takei (among others) calls for the Olympics to be moved.

- In youth culture, clothing, and context, Andrew Karre of Carolrhoda Books asks, "Why... are the clothes and sartorial sensibilities of youth culture (especially black youth culture) the only ones pundits are at pains to repeatedly insist still 'mean' exactly what they meant when they began? Why do the rules apply rigidly to them?

- Surprise! The new Dr. Who is a white guy!


It's a bear hoedown.

Have a good weekend!

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  1. As someone who lives in Florida, I cringe every time I see "A Florida..." WHY ARE WE THE CRAZY STATE?! (That said, great field trip. I always look forward to these, Kate. :) )


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