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Field Trip Friday: August 30, 2013


- If Freedom and Leachblock and Chrome Nanny aren't keeping you on task, and you're masochistic, you might try Pavlov Poke. Or you could try some of the suggestions JJ makes at Pub(lishing) Crawl.

- io9 has the 7 deadly sins of worldbuilding (via Rachel Hartman).

- Kate Bartolotta tells you how to love a girl who writes, while Mark Slouka warns how not to lose a writer friend. (If you love girls that read, there's a Tumblr for that. And if you love girls who text, there's Texts From Emily Dickinson.)

- Henriette Lazaridis Power lists 5 steps to perfecting the author reading (via Malinda Lo).

- Need help with titles? Gemma Cooper has suggestions.


- Get your first peek at what's inside Allegiant!

- John Green helps you stay up to date on The Fault In Our Stars movie news.

- BuzzFeed suggests 17 personal essays that will change your life.

- Kelly Jensen debunks popular explanations for the mystery of why adults read YA.

- Cool charts at Gizmodo visualize how often cities appear in books from the past 200 years (via the aforementioned Kelly J.)


- GalleyCat reports the cheery news that children's and YA sales are down nearly 27%.

- Is it a good sign when the retail head of Barnes and Noble sells 2/3 of his own stock? (Maybe B&N should take a hint from these bookstores.)

- "Unless your agent has stated otherwise, we still want to see your best most complete work," says Victoria Marini.

- Dahlia Adler warns writers not to query and submit to publishers simultaneously.

- E.L. James has taken over the top spot on Forbes's Top Earning Authors of 2013 list. Suzanne Collins, Jeff Kinney, Rick Riordan, and JK Rowling also made the top 15.


- If I never see the worlds "Miley Cyrus" again, it'll be too soon, but: NinjaCate does have an important look at the racial implications of the performance, as does Jody Rosen at Vulture. The Onion explains why major news networks chose to cover the VMAs instead of Syria. Meanwhile this website resolves the pressing question: what does rhyme with "hug me"? (spoiler: LOTS OF THINGS. also autoplay music, watch out.)

- I am really sorry if you love your Keurig, but did you know they produce waste that's the "equivalent of throwing away about 150,000 Hummer H2s each year"?

- "Female television characters are two-dimensional," says Jos Truitt at Slate.

- Batmania means Affleck won't be directing The Stand.

- A former Montana teacher got a whopping 30 days in jail for statutory rape, from a judge who has since apologized for the ridiculous comments he made about the victim during sentencing. Emily McCombs at xoJane explains why the judge is so wrong in "The Myth of the Teenage Temptress."

- Private Manning requested that media respect her wish to be called Chelsea, but not everyone could be bothered. Meanwhile BET is being sued by B. Scott, who was forced to wear men's clothes on the red carpet.

- Congratulations, SAEs at ASU! You won first place in Rolling Stone's "10 Worst Fraternities in America."


You can't go wrong with Kermit and Steve Martin.

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